Rocket League 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass: Everything You Need To Know!

Rocket League Formula 1

In the sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-CarsRocket League expands on its successful pedigree with improved graphics and physics systems. A robust new single-player campaign, with considerable customization options. And a fully-charged multiplayer game geared for a next-generation action-sports experience. Psyonix x Formula 1 is on the way too…

Rocket League is a futuristic action-sports game where players pilot rocket-powered vehicles in an enhanced version of soccer by driving their vehicles into the ball and other players in a variety of areas. Rocket League uses an advanced physics system to simulate realistic interactions between cars and the ball. Where mass and momentum determine how hard balls and cars hit each other. Creating a unique and visceral playing experience. They recently introduced Limited time

Battle Royale Knockout Bash is greatly loved by the community. Players are wishing that the new model returns as a permanent mode after the event ends. Especially because of the unique and out-of-the-box flavor it adds to the game. But players can only wait and wish to get their wishes fulfilled by Psyonix. We would love to see the new mode getting permanent too. What about you?

Psyonix x F1

Psyonix f1
Rocket League F1

Psyonix announced that Formula 1 is coming back to Rocket League with the 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass, available on all platforms beginning May 4! Race fans rejoice, for F1 has made its triumphant return. Rocket League is heading to the FORMULA 1 MIAMI GRAND PRIX for a weekend of full-throttle racing and beachfront vibes.

For this celebration of motorsport, a slew of new content is racing into the Item Shop. The all-new 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass will cost 1100 Credits and unlocks a newly designed F1 car. Plus 2 more content updates later this year. The hype culminates at the Miami International Autodrome on May 8. Where fans and newcomers alike can play Rocket League lives on-site!

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Look for the Fan Pass, plus a free Formula 1 2022 Player Banner in the Item Shop May 4 – May 10.

Fan Pass Release 1

RL fan pass
Rocket League Fan Pass

Despite a glaring lack of rocket-powered cars, Formula 1 has made history as one of the world’s premier racing championships. Massive engines, tight turns, and groundbreaking technological advancements have pushed these race cars far beyond the impossible, and many of these innovations influence the streetcars we drive today. The addition of F1 cars in the game will be massive for the players and they will get huge props of a sleek and fast-looking car. The bonnet of the car will help with better guidance of the ball. And the flatness of the car can be helpful for better airball play.

In-game, the open-wheeled design of the Formula 1 car gets a facelift for 2022. A full suite of automaker 2022 Decals, race-ready Pirelli Wheels, and updated 2022 Formula 1 Engine Audio offer the complete racing experience without all the hassle of becoming a professional driver. But the new F1 car with the decals will be fascinating to play with.

So much attention goes into the drivers, the cars, and the engines, but the fans are what makes Formula 1 races absolute magic. As a gift to motorsport lovers everywhere, players can pick up the Formula 1 2022 Player Banner for free in the Item Shop.

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Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022 (1100 CREDITS)

  • Formula 1 Car (Dominus Hitbox)
  • 2022 Formula 1 Engine Audio
  • Pirelli Wheels
  • Alfa Romeo 2022 Decal
  • AlphaTauri 2022 Decal
  • Ferrari 2022 Decal
  • McLaren 2022 Decal
  • Red Bull 2022 Decal
  • McLaren Miami 2022 Decal

*Note: The items included in the 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass can only be equipped by the 2022 Formula 1 Car. The 2022 Formula 1 Car cannot be customized with all item types.


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What’s Next For The 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass?

F1 has too much history to fit in a single bundle, so to keep the excitement going all year long, 2 additional updates will drop later in 2022. If you purchase the 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass now, and these future updates will be unlocked upon release for free!

With an update this Summer, Players will receive 5 more Decals for the 2022 Formula 1 CarAlpine 2022Aston Martin 2022Haas 2022Mercedes 2022, and Williams 2022. Each Decal represents the careful partnership between the world’s premier automakers and F1.

Another update will arrive this Fall and unlock 3 color variants of the famous Pirelli Wheels. Pirelli has been the sole tire maker of F1 since 2010, and these favorite red, white, and yellow tires were strictly designed to handle unbelievable speeds.

The 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass and free Formula 1 2022 Player Banner will be available May 4 – May 10.

Key Features:

  • New Season Mode: Players now can enjoy a full single-player experience with Season mode, bolstered by extensive vehicle customizations, unlockable items, multiple arenas, and more.
  • Fully Upgraded Online, Local, and Splitscreen Multiplayer Modes: Fans of the original will love the returning options for two- to four-player competition, from on-the-couch split-screen competition to the robust online play.
  • Team-focused GameplayRocket League’s team-oriented play compels gamers to learn short- and long-term tactics and strategies to stay in the game, challenge their friends, and stay atop the monthly leaderboards.
  • Physics-driven Vehicle Interactions: Built with rocket-equipped vehicles capable of aerial attacks, passes, and shots, and physics-driven ball action, Rocket League is a wild, visceral action-sports experience.
  • Content OverloadRocket League builds upon its predecessor with a healthy array of completely new unlockable vehicles, arenas, more than 100 customization items, and other surprises.
  • Dedicated Gameplay Servers: Super-smooth online gameplay guarantees an even better Rocket-Powered Battle-Car experience.
  • Broadcast-Quality Replays: Gamers can play with, stylize, and create the ultimate replay of entire games with the new replay system. Fast forward, rewind, or view the action from anywhere in the arena!
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F1 and Psyonix had hinted at a comeback for a long time and it’s finally here. The Fan pass will surely be worth it with all the glorious items available and most importantly the F1 car you will get in the pass. Because of the addition of the F1 car, the combo of Dominous, Octane, and F1 car will be highly used. Due to speed, power, and smoothness. But, will it be a pro play vehicle? Is the question. Gear up to smash the goals with the new F1 car, available in-game soon.

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