Rocket League Skyline Code, and Method to Get it For Free

rocket league skyline code
07/11/2022 | Who doesn’t dream of having a Skyline in their Rocket League garage? | Credits: Rocket League

The Nissan skyline is one of the most popular sports cars in the world. The universal picture of this car was featured in the film Fast and Furious 2. After that everyone has an eye on this car because it was the most stylish and trending car of that time. The 99’Nissan Skyline (Skyline called in Rocket League) is a battle car launched on October 11, 2017. It is no longer available since December 2019.

Methods to Get Nissan Skyline for Free in Rocket League:

In this method, you have to share your game with your friend who has the Nissan skyline in their game. This step has to be done only on PS-4 or XBOX.

  • First, you have to give your account details to your friend who has a skyline available in their bag. After that, your friend has to their account to you as well.
  • After that, you have to login into your friend’s account and they have to login into your account on their PS-4 or XBOX.
  • Then, you have to go to settings, after that account management, and go down and activate it as your primary button and make sure your’s friends account has the skyline in it, and then set it as activate.
  • Your friend has to do the same steps but they have to login into your account on their device and deactivate it rather than activate it.
  • After that go to your account and open your inventory you can see the Nissan GTR in your account.
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Nissan Skyline Rocket League 2022 Codes PS-4 and XBOX:

In Rocket League, there are many unique codes available with different features. Some of the codes are free in the Rocket League. To redeem the code you have to go first to the option navigate to extra and redeem code and put your code in it.

Available codes-

  • POPCORN – This code result in boosting the skyline into popcorn. It looks pretty cool.

Expired Codes-

  • RLNITRO – This code can result in a very impressive paint finish.
  • COUCH POTATO – It is the limited couch potato title in Rocket league. This is expired.
  • Truffle shuffle – Limited decal for octane.
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There are plenty of promo codes available on the internet and most of them are expired only limited code like popcorn is still available.

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