Rocket League Is Here With New Dueling Arcade Playlists!

Rocket League
Rocket League: Dueling Arcade Playlists allow you to keep a favorite mode in rotation.| Credit: Rocket League.

Rocket League is back with the Dueling Arcade Playlist that allows you to keep a favorite mode in rotation. This means first finding out what is the most active mode by the player after that keeping them in rotation. Alongside all the modes that come in this cycle so, don’t be sad if it is not becoming the most active mode. All this happened after seeing various feedback about the – desire to more satisfactory influence the Extra Mode in the slots. In this, some of the players want their desired mode all the time but that is not possible because of different demands from the different players. Other than that there should be a balance between the active modes to maintain quality and reasonable times for matchmaking.

Arcade Playlists came into existence in the back of time, to continue building a sense of community and keep high engagement. Started with rotation method – Simple there is community voting is done, but that does not define which mode will be available. And Heatseeker, Rocket Labs, and Spike Rush were given only.

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Introduce: Dueling Arcade Playlists

With the official announcement of this Dueling Arcade Playlist on Twitter and the Rocket League website, it is introduced to us. This system has come due to the feedback reached after the release of the Arcade Playlists. The system allows the community to keep their favorite mode in the game with almost unlimited duration. There are two Arcade playlists present which presume through existing extra modes.

In the end, the most popular modes came into existence within the week, while the rest one on the next week. There is a rotation process also less demandable and will also return in the later days. Other than that if the two Extra Modes are found not so popular in a particular given week, then both will be replaced in the next week with expectedly more exciting to the community.

Rocket League: What are Arcade Playlists?

Back in time, the introduced Arcade Playlists were a real surprise, that brought the two Arcade Playlists and the Extra Modes too. This is one of the freshly announced systems that gives the right to choose their favorite modes or we can say the popular ones. Eventually, know you can influence the modes more, that appear in the Arcade Playlist.

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Rocket League Season 13 Season Rush Update 

There is a Rocket League Season 13 Season Rush run between 22 Feb at 9 AM PT to 4 March at 6 PM PT. If you think you left behind then you level up by completing the 12 challenges you level up yourself. The level is going to increase along with each level completed. Here is one plus point in online matches double XP is in effect during the whole Rush Season.


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With the arrival of the Dueling Arcade Playlists now community can now pick their favorite mode in a cycle way. This rotation depends upon the available game mode. In Extra Modes with the coming of Arcade Playlists, there is no complete list of the modes given. Now this new rotation system includes all the modes in which the first week coming mode is selected by the votes of the community. That is it, in the future if an update regards it is coming we will update it here.