Rocket League’s Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1 to come in Fortnite soon, say Rumors

Rumor: Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1 becoming part of Fortnite.
Rocket League: Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1, seen in Fortnite too.| Credit: Rocket League

Exciting about the new experience, as iFireMonkey tweeted Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1 are going to be introduced in Fortnite. In a recent podcast, xboxera shared this information. But there is no specification in which mode vehicles should be coming up. This is already a part of Rocket League so in that it is likely to be Rocket Racing. Rocket League and Rocket Racing have a connection by putting similar cosmetics in vehicles. Generally, Fortnite has each season pre-defined vehicles for a particular game.

Since this rumor is pop-up, it is interesting to see the powerful collaboration between the Rocket League and Fortnite

Fortnite Collaboration for the Upcoming Introduction of Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1 

With this earful announcement of Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1 becoming part of Fortnite, the collab rumor is spreading. But there no official announcement by the sides of the platforms is done. The limited news is coming that does not provide a total sum-up result, what is going to happen? Other than this as above mentioned sharing of cosmetics in these two modes. So, including them sold in the Fortnite item story would open the door for more revenue. 

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Worldwide popular Fortnite has many collabs due to the release of its classic Battle Royale mode. The release year shows why it has become a leading game ever since. Its success rate depends upon its collaboration rate also with some of the renowned pop culture franchises. 

Introduction: Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1  

  • Batmobile:

    Battle Car was released in 2016, and that could only be given in the Batman V Supreme: Dawn of Justice DLC pack. But is out of the race of decals, wheels, rocket boosts, and another that is not a part of DLC. It provides paint color and goal explosion change freely.

  • DeLorean: 

    It is quite similar in features to the Batmobile. As DeLorean provides paint color and goal explosion change freely. This came in the Back to the Future DLC pack. 

  • Ecto-1:

    Obtain an Ecto-1 battle car by purchasing it as DLC. This is retired with the other DLC in Patch v1.70 but come back in Item Shop for a limited time in past years.

When would be Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1 seen in Fortnite?

Going past the source of the rumor post information is correct. Now, see this Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1 from Rocket League are seen in Fortnite too is happening or not. As there is no particular time provided by any scores, so arrival is not confirmed.  


The Batmobile, DeLorean, and Ecto-1 have been a part of the Rocket League from past many years. Move to Fortnite these enhance the excitement of the Fortnite gamers. They find a new and enthusiastic experience. In the future look for the update if this rumor going to be true or not.

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