Rank Distribution for Valorant as of March 2023

Rank Distribution for Valorant as of March 2023
18/03/2023/ Rank Distribution for Valorant as of March 2023

With a rated competition mode for the player base, Valorant has become a prominent esports title. Most players are clustered in lower-tier ranks like Bronze, Silver, and Gold, according to the current skill distribution. The ranking distribution offers a more comprehensive picture and illustrates the existing discrepancy.

The Valorant rank ascent is difficult and calls for careful strategy execution in addition to hours of practice. The majority of participants wait in line to play some high-stakes matches while also enjoying Valorant with their friends. A small portion of the community, however, works hard to get up the scoreboard and climb the ladder.

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Valorant players’ ranked order in March 2023

First-person shooter (FPS) game from Riot Games has a steep learning curve yet is still beginner-friendly. The current rank distribution chart has the form of a bell curve, indicating that players are concentrated more in the lower ranks.

As Riot added a third rank between Diamond and Immortal. The rank tiers grew, resulting in wider rank gaps and the exclusion of a larger proportion of the player community. As a result, it is significantly harder for players to advance in rankings since another tier needs to be scaled.

Rank distribution

The Silver rank has the most increase in concentration. This demonstrates that a certain degree of comprehension of Valorant and its competitive character has been attained by the majority of players. Gamers can advance to Gold by using their gained expertise and playing strategically.

After achieving the Gold level, players face hurdles as players with Platinum rank and higher balance mechanical and strategic skills. As the skill level of the player base rises with each stage, matches get harder.

According to the graph, the rank Silver 1 comprises around 8.3% of the overall player base, while the top rank only has 0.3% of the players. There is no incentive for participants to go farther as seen by the straight drop of the curve from Silver 1 to Immortal 3.

Valorant only offers two gun pals at the end of a competitive season, thus there aren’t many incentives to advance in the ranks. The publisher may start introducing fresh player cards and other playable items to encourage the grind.

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It’s crucial to keep in mind that not every player is in it to advance, though; others just play for enjoyment. The competitive ones trapped in the lower stages can improve by working with aim coaches and studying elite players.

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