How to Purchase PUBG Mobile UC After Ban (Updated)

IPurchase PUBG Mobile UC After Ban
Purchase PUBG Mobile UC After Ban

How to Purchase PUBG Mobile UC after the ban is the most searched keyword in India now. After a ban of PUBG Mobile, the professional players switched to other online games, as the ban impact their gaming carrier who are seeing the future in it. Indirectly ban stopped the growth of esports in India to know in detail how a ban impacts esports growth Click Here.

After a ban on PUBG Mobile, many players switched to other games, and some who only love to play PUBG Mobile is still Playing. If you want to play PUBG Mobile and don’t know how to download the latest version of PUBG Mobile 1.0. Just click here and check our most viewed article in which we provided the link to download the latest version of PUBG Mobile.  Install it by following the instruction provided in the article and start playing PUBG Mobile without getting Ban.

Official Ways to Purchase PUBG Mobile UC After Ban

As we know after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, some IPs and few domains of games are blocked by the government of India which are necessary steps to ban any app or game. Still, users can log in to the game like PUBG Mobile not fully ban from India like TikTok.

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So, for those users who are playing PUBG Mobile in India and want to purchase Royal Pass of Season 15. And are facing issues while purchasing UC in-game, getting an error stating that “The item you requested is not available for purchase.” which is basically because of the ban.

Purchase PUBG Mobile UC After Ban
Purchase PUBG Mobile UC After Ban
PUBG Corporation is working to unban PUBG Mobile from India and we will able to buy UC in-game in the future. For now, if you want to purchase PUBG Mobile UC after the ban goto PUBG Mobile official seller site by following methods and this site is genuine for purchasing PUBG Mobile UC after the ban.

Method to Buy PUBG Mobile UC After Ban: Links And Details

Midasbuy is in the official store to purchase PUBG Mobile UC after the ban. The user who makes purchases from Midasbuy’s official store will get extra rewards. To purchase PUBG Mobile UC after the ban click on the below links:

1. Click below-provided links to purchase PUBG Mobile UC after the ban

http://www.pubgmobile.com/pay/  or go to a more secure URL

both sites will open Midasbuy official store.

2. In Midasbuy you can directly go for the purchase of UC or you can register yourself first in Midasbuy to get extra awards according to the event going on.
3. To buy UC after the ban in Midasbuy official store click on the “Top-up” button and select UC how much you want to buy.
4. After selecting UC now enter your Player ID in the player ID verification box.
        4(a). To know your Player ID open PUBG Mobile and click on profile on the top left corner.
        4(b). There you can see your player ID below the Player name.
5. Copy your player ID from there and paste it to the Player ID verification Box and click the “OK” button.
6. Select any payment method from the multiple options.
7. After that, a popup window will appear on your screen just confirm your age and accept all terms and conditions and proceed with filling up card detail.
8. After completing you will get UC in your mailbox inside PUBG Mobile.

Important Note to be Remember: 

Midasbuy provides you services if you are unable to get your UC pack from your in-game mail within 24 hours of making the purchase, please send an email to help@midasbuy.com to request assistance. Your email must include your country/region, player ID, the name of the purchased item, the payment channel used, a description of the issue, time of purchase, etc.
Country/region: Singapore
Player ID: 568*****89
Items: UC
Pay Channel: credit card (whatever your payment method)
Problem: I haven’t received my UC when I bought it at 10:00 15/09/2020

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