PUBG New State to get a New Map and Tons of In-Game Content in 2022

PUBG New State New Map
Credits: Krafton

Krafton announced that its newest title PUBG New State will be getting a whole new bunch of updates and a new map in 2022. The Korean developer in a new year message to the community announced that a new warzone will be coming to the game in mid-2022. (Cialis) Without revealing many details about the new map, they provided a couple of photos of how the new map will look. Additionally, they mentioned the map is still in the early stages of development.

What do the devs have to say?

Ever since its release in November 2021, the game has been an instant sellout in the competitive world of mobile games. It already has 10 million downloads to its name. Realizing this success of Pubg New State the Developers mentioned in the note, “We’ve been busy preparing a lot of new content, which we plan on rolling out in 2022. The first batch of major updates will be released in the first two months of 2022, and the details will be revealed at a later date”, “We are also getting a new Battleground ready for Survivors, which will launch in mid-2022. For now, here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming map!”

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Here are the First looks at the Pubg New State New Map:

Pubg New State New Map
Credits: Krafton
Pubg New State New Map
Credits: Krafton

Pubg New State New Map

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The New Map will be the third one to be added to the game alongside Troi and an updated version of Erangle. Initially, the maps look like a blend of plains, high mountain terrains, and modern architecture. There is no information available on the dimensions of the Map yet.

PUBG developers also promised to rectify the connectivity issues that have been plaguing the game since its launch. Several players have also reported optimization issues and other bugs. In a response to this, the devs mentioned, “We also want to make sure to provide all our global Survivors the best service and gaming experience, regardless of location or device. We will strive to actively seek to open and transparent communication with all our Survivors and listen to the community to build better Battlegrounds together.” This clearly indicates that a lot of patches and bug fixes will be coming to the game this year.

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PUBG New State New Year’s Gift from Devs

In the same post devs mentioned: ”

To start off the new year with a bang, we’ve prepared a surprise gift for everyone. Click on the link and redeem the coupon for free Chicken Medals and Royale Chest crate tickets!

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