PUBG Mobile India Website: News, Support, and APK Section Added

You might not be able to see the changes, as the website is crashing for many days

A few days ago, the APK Download option of PUBG Mobile India appeared on the official PUBG Mobile India website. Interestingly, the PUBG Mobile India website has been modified once again by the officials as News and Support section is the new addition to the PUBG Mobile India website.

PUBG Mobile is a name that has become a big hitter in the battle royale experience owing to its immense popularity worldwide. It is a no different story in India as PUBG had a huge user base here as well. However, disappointment struck the users of PUBG Mobile in India when the game got banned in September this year along with 117 other apps by the Indian Government.

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PUBG Mobile India Website: The Complete Story of Modification

PUBG Corporation right from the very beginning of the ban had intentions to find a way back to the Indian market and they made the announcement of the arrival of PUBG back in India on 12th November 2020 by releasing a teaser of PUBG Mobile India, a version crafted especially for Indian users.Β 

New Additions to the PUBG Mobile India Website

A new PUBG Mobile India website was launched with access to News, Support, and APK Download sections for the users. However, the APK download section redirected the users to the official site of the global version, and the ‘Support’Β tab leads to pubgmobile.helpshift.com. The official website still seems to be under construction with the new icon most likely for the Indian version visible on the top of the site.

PUBG Corporation along with the announcement of the new version has also disclosed its plans to open its branch office in India which will employ at least 100 people and an investment worth $100 million partnerings with its parent company Krafton Inc.

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The Indian users seem eagerly waiting for the new version with many showing their excitement on social media as well.

Gaurav Priyanshu Singh
Gaurav Priyanshu Singh
Gaurav is an Engineer by profession who joined MoroEsports in November 2020. As a writer, he covers both mobile and PC games.