PUBG Mobile India Teaser Out: Game Coming Soon!

PUBG Mobile Teaser Out: Game Coming Soon?

After a lot of ups and downs, the PUBG Mobile India teaser has been out, finally. The video came out from the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India. The PUBG Mobile India teaser is featuring top Indian PUBG Mobile players like Hydra Dynamo, Kronten Gaming, and TSM-Entity Jonathan.

Like every other PUBG Mobile fan in India, the Indian PUBG Mobile players are also eagerly waiting for the arrival of PUBG Mobile return in India. The game which was banned a few months ago is making its way into the Indian market with a new PUBG Mobile teaser.

PUBG Mobile India Teaser: Expected Date

A teaser featuring top Indian PUBG Mobile players

The PUBG Mobile India teaser, however, didn’t reveal a lot about the possible date of PUBG Mobile unban in India. Meanwhile, as per the sources of MoroEsports and other media outlets, PUBG Mobile might come to the Indian market again in the month of November. Any other details regarding the unban are not disclosed yet, not even by the officials.

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The news of PUBG Mobile Unban came into the picture with a poster released by the PUBG Mobile officials. The poster turned the scene of PUBG Mobile in India, as ex-players seen excited after the news. Dynamo, Mortal, Jonathan, and other top PUBG Mobile players of India posted the news of the PUBG Mobile unban poster via their social media handles.

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PUBG Mobile India Teaser is a Positive News for Mobile Esports Fans

The news, no doubt, has put a smile on the faces of all PUBG Mobile fans. Missing the most played game of the last two years, PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly a new experience for the users. The game got banned after the Government of India put PUBG Mobile into the list of Apps and Games harming the security integrity of the nation.

Putting emotions aside, can we say PUBG Mobile in India is coming back for sure? This still a question as nobody knows how the Government of India will react to the new policies of the game. As per the experts, the Government might turn the table this time, however, all we have to do is wait for the decision. PUBG Mobile teaser has been out and on Diwali, it is the best thing to celebrate.

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