PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 Version: All Leaked HDR Pictures of the Map

The PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 is about to be released soon, confirmed by the sources of MoroEsports. There have been a lot of new changes made on the PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 map regarding the same. The modified map PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 has been improved and the HDR pictures are available on the internet.

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 Beta Version: Exclusive Leaks of the Map

Erangel 2.0 is the updated version of classic Erangel and you must see what’s there in the latest edition of the classic beta 2.0 version of Erangel. GTS Prank, Co-founder, MoroEsports, and a pro-PUBG Mobile player was seen jiggling in the classic Erangel 2.0 beta version, and here are the pictures he collected on the map.

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Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar
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