PUBG: Krafton Added Platforms on the Side and Underneath of Erangle’s Bridges

Developers added railings and platform on side of the bridge so that players can escape and can face bridge campers easily. Read more.

PUBG Erangle Bridges upgrade
PUBG Erangle Bridges upgrade

PUBG Erangle Bridges. Recently Krafton posted on their Weibo [Chinese PUBG source]. ‘Guo Mei recently went to the upstairs development room to play, but found out that our developers have been sent to the airport island to work as construction workers.’

All you need to know about the new feature: PUBG Erangle Bridges Upgarde

Krafton developers came up with a unique idea. Developers added railings and platform on side of the bridge so that players can escape and can face bridge campers easily. Before the update, it was very difficult to hold bridge camp, in classic matches and competitive. From now players can hold with many different angles. PUBG PC developers told that ‘it will take time to launch the new feature in PUBG PC.’ Also PUBG Mobile players are waiting to enjoy this update in PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Studio going to make open-world, science fiction shooter game. PUBG is thinking to expand its market widely. While one more new game had been added to the list of PUBG’s operations.

PUBG: Erangle Bridges
PUBG: Erangle Bridges

The mobile version of the game, known as PUBG Mobile was chosen as the game of the year award. No other game has created craze as much as PUBG in recent times. It’s obviously expected that we could see PUBG 2 soon. But the game’s maker says that it is not happening.

Brendan Greene, who was responsible for the PUBG is no more interested in coming up with the second version of world’s most popular game. Brendan Greene said the following things in an interview. “The last man standing concept is very good, but I am not interested in that. I don’t really intend to make PUBG 2. I think I have provided others with good way of killing each-other. But I want to explore some other things” he added.

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Let’s hope for the best of PUBG 2 and players are also very much excited for further updates.

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