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pubg kr 2.4
28/02/2023/ pubg kr 2.4 download / Credits – PUBG Mobile

The newest PUBG Mobile kr 2.4 Update APK will soon be accessible to gamers owing to the update, which has already started to roll out. The Martial Showdown mode and the game’s connection to Bruce Lee, which has fans buzzing, are the patch’s main pulls. A Pan Helmet, 3000 BP, and 100 AG are additional rewards for players that download the patch between January 4 and January 15.

PUBG KR 2.4 Update

The main feature of the 2.4 version is the addition of a new map named Livik. This map is in the Nordic region and is smaller than the other maps in the game. The smaller map allows for faster and more intense matches. The map also includes brand-new equipment and vehicles that are exclusive to Livik.

Another important inclusion is Conquest, a new ranked mode in PUBG New Version 2023. In this game, teams of players must occupy and defend specific locations on the map to gain points. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the one that won. Players may showcase their skills in a more competitive setting in this mode, and the game develops a new level of strategy. Together with these new features, the PUBG New version 2023 also includes several gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

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PUBG KR 2.4 Update Release Date

Officials have confirmed the additions that will be included in the 2.4 upgrades, and Tencent Games is almost ready to launch a new version of PUBG Mobile. The game’s creators announced last week that the PUBG Mobile 2.4 update APK will be released on January 6, 2023. The next Warrior Trial update will add martial arts-related content to the game.

How to Download PUBG KR 2.4 Update

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  • The Tap Tap APK Apk must be downloaded first.
  • This app must then be installed on your Android device.
  • Launch your Tap Tap application, then search for the Pubg Mobile KR Version.
  • Your Pubg Mobile KR version is now prominently displayed.
  • Choose the download button alone. Once the download is complete, a popup window for installation will open.
  • The Korean version of Pubg Mobile is now easy to install.
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PUBG KR 2.4 Update Patch Notes

There will be a lot of martial arts arenas in the game, half of which will always be accessible to players while the other half will be sealed. The second half won’t be made available until the last seconds of the countdown.

Players can start a Back For Honor assignment after being eliminated and recalled by a teammate in the new gameplay. When a target is taken out within the allotted time, the pursuer will receive prizes. If they fall short, the player who was targeted wins the benefits.

A brand-new two-person car with lion dance decor is called the Dancing Lion. Quick and nimble, with the capacity to leap and run. It has an infinite amount of uses and may be kept in the Backpack. Only the container in the centre of a martial arts arena may be used to retrieve it.

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Explosive Bow, a brand-new item, is a sneaky play-friendly weapon. It is capable of firing charged bolts that detonate on hit.

The newly added grappling hook is a hand-mounted, portable grappling hook. You may use it to drag yourself toward a target by firing a grappling hook at it.

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