Prime Gaming Valorant 2021: Free Rewards and Skins

Prime Gaming for Valorant is a feature of Amazon Prime and Twitch. To know more about how to claim your free rewards and skins from Twitch Prime keep reading till the end.

Prime Valorant Skins 2021
Prime Valorant Skins 2021

Prime Gaming Valorant 2021: Prime Gaming is a feature from Amazon Prime and Twitch creating a platform together. Establishing in 2003, Prime Gaming serves a vast amount of gamers and helps them grow. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to get the Prime Gaming Valorant Skins and rewards in 2021.

However, this platform is not only for those gamers. You can also take advantage of Prime Gaming for the games you play. For instance, we have Valorant where you can get free rewards and skins. However, in order to do so, you’ll need to know how you can do it. Valorant has gained so much fame in the previous year after its release.

Furthermore, there are so many Skins and Rewards that you can unlock and use for your own. But these are not always going to be free. What you can do is claim some free and exclusive rewards from platforms like Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming Valorant Skins 2021:

Weapon Skins for Valorant are trending right now since they aren’t easy to get. They give an amazing look to your weapons. The same goes for the characters. Players over the world are always looking for Free Skins and rewards that they can get from anywhere.

You can also buy them from the shop with Valorant Points and upgrade some of their variants with Radianite Points. There are literally tons of different skins in the game right now. But some Skins and cosmetics are really rare to find.

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These also include the Prime Gaming Valorant 2021 Skins. These are exclusive skins you can only get with Twitch Prime Gaming. Besides this, there are also Battle Pass Skins that you can get for free but unfortunately, they’re not quite as rare. Prime Skins were introduced with the Twitch Prime feature that offers you free rewards for their subscription each month.

Amazon Prime Gaming:

Prime Gaming Valorant 2021
Prime Gaming Amazon

Now, Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Gaming are different from each other so don’t confuse them. In Amazon Prime, Amazon covers all the entertainment, faster deliveries, videos, music, and more. Prime Gaming is a sub-part that comes under Amazon Prime.

It gives the gamers a lot of benefits. This includes a free Twitch subscription every month, Exclusive (and free) loot in-game, and free games.

Now, Valorant is also a part of Amazon Prime Gaming for a while now. You can claim multiple skins, rewards for Valorant from Amazon Prime each month. These are not just ordinary skins you get anywhere from. Exclusive skins can only be claimed from the subscriptions. Let’s see how you can start with it.

How to Link Amazon and Twitch accounts?

Twitch and Amazon Prime
Twitch and Amazon Prime

This is requisite since you’ll only be able to claim after you’ve linked your accounts. Make sure you use the same credentials for your Amazon Prime account as that of your Riot ID. However, this is not all. Follow the steps below to link your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts:

  • Go to twitchprime.com
  • Choose ‘Activate Twitch Prime’
  • They’ll show you the accounts that are to be linked (ensure the details of the credentials are correct)
  • Click ‘Confirm’
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After you’re done with the linking process now you’ll have to know how to claim your free rewards from Prime Gaming for Valorant for July 2021.

After this, you’ll have to link your Riot ID with your Twitch account as well. All you have to do is to go to Twitch’s official website. Go to Settings->Connections->Riot ID->Choose ‘Connect’

How to Claim Free Rewards and Skins from Prime Gaming Valorant in 2021?

Valorant doesn’t always release free rewards and skins on Prime Gaming. But, they do release them each month. So, all you have to do for claim them from your Twitch Prime account and they’ll appear in your game.

Amazon Prime also has its official website that lets you claim the loot online- Amazon Prime Gaming Loot Official. From this website, you can claim your free rewards every month. Furthermore, Prime Gaming Skins in Valorant are exclusive and can only be claimed from Twitch Prime.

You can also get a free one-month subscription to Amazon Prime. And you’ll still be able to claim these free rewards and skins for yourself from Twitch Prime. However, make sure that you cancel the subscription at the end of the month to stop paying for it.

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What Free Skins and Rewards do you get From Prime Gaming Valorant 2021?

Prime Gaming Valorant 2021
Prime Karambit Skin

Since you can always appreciate free skins and rewards in almost any game. We have over here another method that you can use to get free skins. And these are not just any skins. These are exclusive skins that you can only claim if you have a Twitch Prime Subscription.

Some of the past Twitch Prime Loot includes:

  • Prime-Bucky
  • Prime-Karambit
  • Prime-Odin
  • Prime-Phantom
  • Prime-Frenzy
  • Prime-Vandal
  • Prime-Phantom

You can also watch the review of Tenz on the Twitch Prime Loot of these weapons:

These are not the exact skins that will be coming back. However, you can get a gist of what to expect from further Prime loots.

Some of the free skins you can get from Twitch Prime include Neter Treter Gun Buddy Skin, the Nice Smile gun buddy, Pity Party Spray, Prime Karambit Skin, Prime Guardian, Prime Classic, etc. Also, there are some modifications with their crosshairs and you can even get skins for your favorite characters in Valorant.

We’ll keep you updated on any news from Valorant. For a detailed guide, you can also read our article on How to get Valorant Twitch Prime Loot 2021?

For this, you can also read our guide Free Valorant Prime Skins 2021.

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