Pokemon Go Facebook Login Not Working: Resolve Them 100% Working

Players in Pokemon Go have been facing a lot of issues recently while logging in to their Pokemon Go accounts from Facebook. This guide here helps them solve the issues.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

People worldwide are facing issues related to their Pokemon Go Facebook login not working as well as in Ingress. The Facebook logins in specific are not working and there seems to be an internal server error at Niantic’s end. They have also confirmed this issue and are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

There can be further reasons for the login not working so let’s discuss each one in detail.

“Unable To Authenticate” or “Failed To Login” message pop-ups

Pokemon Go Facebook Login Error
Pokemon Go Facebook Login Error

These message pop-ups can be seen when there a Login error detected. When this error is detected it simply means that either the servers are experiencing an issue at the moment or your phone has network connectivity issues.

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People are reporting the former issue worldwide and reporting it across the world. Not only for Pokemon Go but you can also see it for Ingress as well.

Pokemon Go Facebook Login Issues

These errors are not only for Facebook but the Facebook login errors are more frequent as seen recently. People can not log in through their personal Facebook IDs and are locked out of their accounts. Pokemon Go Facebook Login is not working as of now for a lot of people and Niantic is trying to resolve the issue.

Reasons For Errors and How to Resolve Them:

Device Issues:

If your iPhone or Android experiences lag during the start of the game it might just be because of the cache that is stored in the game. For resolving this kind of error follow the steps below:

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Step-1: Close the game

Step-2: Go to Setting->Pokemon Go->Force Stop

Step-3: Clear cache for Pokemon Go

Even if this does not resolve the issue try to check your network connectivity and change to another network. You need to ensure that you have a good network connection.

Internal Server Error:

Pokemon Go Internal server error
Pokemon Go Internal server error

After all, this doesn’t work and your Facebook or any other login isn’t working try to contact Niantic via their official website. This might also be because Niantic is facing internal server errors recently and is trying to resolve them currently.

Niantic has also announced that it is currently keenly watching the logins and will resolve the issue as soon as possible. We can’t resolve this kind of error on our own since it has to do with the Pokemon Go internal servers. All we can do is wait until Niantic solves the issues for us.

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