Pokemon Go Dia De Muertos: How to Complete the Challenge?


Pokemon Go Dia de Muertos and Challenge: It is a year-old event released by Pokemon Go in Mexico and limited regions. But this time this event is available for all around the world. Moreover, it is a special event and comes with a unique and exciting pokemon concept for every Go player.

Today in this blog post you will read and learn Everything you need to know about Go Dia De Muertos, the upcoming event, and the challenges in Pokemon Go.

What is the Pokemon Go Dia De Muertos Event?

First thing first, Do you know what this event means? Well, it means Day of the Dead in the Mexican region and other related parts of America. Furthermore, the government and people get a Holiday in celebration of the Dia De Muertos event.

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Moreover, this festival is known for Colors, Flowers, and life beyond Earth (it means Dead). Dia De Muertos events run for two days on 1st and 2nd November of every year. On the other hand, Pokemon Go is the first time celebrating Dia De Muertos with global players. In other words, the event is not new because it was first introduced Last year but only for the Mexican region.

How to Complete Dia De Muertos Challenge in Pokemon Go?

Every event in Pokemon Go comes with Challenges and Rewards for their players. The same goes for this event too. That’s why to get ready to obtain some rare items in the Die De Muertos event. Moreover, the challenges of this event are quite easy and interesting.

On the other hand, To complete this Pokemon Go Dia De Mertous you need to catch some specific pokemon during the running period of this event. There are a total of 8 pokemon you need to catch to obtain all rewards and you will get the name and how to catch them below. Moreover, The rewards of this event are also listed below.

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Special Tip: Use incense to catch them in the fastest way.


  • Sunkern
  • Roselia
  • Murkrow
  • Cubone
  • Houndour
  • Sableye
  • Sunflora
  • Drifloon


  • Incense
  • Poffin
  • Shedinja


Pokemon Go Dia De is also a part of the Halloween event, which means it is also related to Ghost Type Pokemon. Moreover, this event is also going to be helpful to complete other Halloween challenges. For Example, catching 40 Ghost Type Pokemon and many more like this in Pokemon Go. I hope you like this blog post about Pokemon Go new events and tips this year. Let me know in the comment section about your suggestions and tips about Dia De Muertos.

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