Lucario And Gengar Space Style And Season 2 : Pokemon Unite

In this article, I'm going to tell you about Lucario Space Style And Gengar Space Style : Pokémon Unite. A stepwise and easy guide to help you.

Lucario Space Style And Gengar Space Style : Pokemon Unite
Space Style (Source: POKÉMON UNITE)

Lucario and Gengar Space Style: Pokémon Unite Season 1 is coming to an end in a few days with which the Battle Pass of Pokémon Season 1 will also end. After which the new season will come with the new Battle Pass Season 2. So, Pokemon Unite and The Pokemon Company reveals a huge leak on 22 September 2021 about Space Style. Therefore, in this article, I’m going to tell you about Lucario Space Style And Gengar Space Style.

Pokemon Unite Space Style:

Pokemon Unite becoming a fan favourite’s Game all over the world. For this, The Pokemon Company is preparing for upcoming events. Out of those future upcoming events, the company has leaked 22 Sep to Space Style. Space Style is a Holowear in the game that is only for two best Pokémon Lucario and Gengar. This Holowear was completely released on Battle Pass Season 2 whose season name is according to Pokémon Unite ‘The Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass’.

How To Get Space Style Holowear:

In Pokemon Unite, there’s only one method to pick up a Space Style Holowear dress. For which you have to buy the Premium Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 2 (The Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass) but it isn’t enough after that you have to complete the mission of Battle Pass. Then you will get this unique Space Style for your Lucario and Gengar with another incredible premium reward. In another means Premium Kilt Set, free Item Enhancer, free Canvas shoes, Premium Diamond Pattern Pants and many more amazing items.

The Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass:

Timi Studio has launched a brand new Battle Pass, The Galactic Ghost 094 which will appear with lots of new rewards and new missions in 90 Levels. The Premium Pass includes two rewards ‘Out-of-this-world Holowear’ which is available for Lucario and Gengar. This Holowear locks but it’s in zicro trading in the game. These Space Style Holowear will be unlocked after the release of The Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass.

In Additional packs, The Galactic Ghost 094 premium pass have a “space-themed Trainer fashion item,” according to the Pokemon Unite blog. This new battle pass should give users plenty of time to play deeper into the Game season 2.

Hence, don’t forget to redeem this unique Lucario and Gengar Space Style Holowear in The Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass.

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