PlayStation VR2 Review: Design, Build Quality, and Technology

Excited about the latest PS VR2 headset? Here's our review of its quality, design, and technology.

Playstation VR2 Review
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When the world is transforming into the metaverse, childhood electronic brand Sony enters the future with the release of PlayStation VR2 in the market. The future is VR – Virtual Reality and the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller marks its way into the same. The crisp of the CES 2022 conference reveals a new futuristic world with a 360-degree view, better resolutions, and more advanced frame rates. Excited about the PlayStation VR2 Review, release date, design, and build quality? Let’s quickly jump into the brand new design, quality, and future of the new PlayStation VR2 for PlayStation 5.

PlayStation VR2 Headset: The Inspiration

As per the blog post by PlayStation Officials, the PS5 VR2 looks inspired by the family of products only. That means the specs, product design, and color combination resonate with the PS5 and family. The design gives a constant human contact – amalgamation DualSense controller and 3D Headset.

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Playstation VR2 Review

With an objective of not only being the center of attraction in the market but, the product also aims for a better real-world gaming experience. Considering the user experience and comfort, the build quality of the headset is pretty smooth. As per the company, massive detailing and extensive testing have been done on the product before handing over it to the future world.

The collective positive feedback helps in the weight adjustment and simple headband design. Additionally, stereo headphone jack and adjustable scope area near face add-on to the product itself.

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PlayStation VR2 Release Date, Design, and Future

Playstation VR2 Review

Lens adjustment that allows users to adjust the distance between the eyes – helps in optimizing the view. The design is very slim, compact, and ready to use. Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director, SIE, says,

“Earlier, when we started working on the design, our major focus was on the idea of crafting a vent in the headset to let extra air out. Similar concepts like vents on the PlayStation 5 console for extra airflow.”

As per the PlayStation VR2 release date is concerned, there is no fixed date. As per EuroGamer’s recent report, the VR2 headset will release at the end of the year. Also, the PS symbols are there for the hardcore fans. The front and backside of the headset have marks of the PlayStation Symbols. The futuristic headset also has new cool features that we will unlock in future announcements. The dashing headset also has a single cord which helps gamers instantly connect their favorite game in one shot. It would be exciting what the future holds for us and the community is looking forward to an incredible real-life futuristic gaming experience.

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