Patch Countdown Event on Indian Server in Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max
06/01/2023/Patch count down event in free fire max is started on Indian server/Credits: Xbox Gaming YouTube.

The much-anticipated Free Fire MAX OB38 update is only a few days away, and the countdown has already started. It will introduce new features. That will prevent the game from becoming boring. And the feature is created for much-needed adjustments to the BR and CS modes.

The creators of the game have started a brand-new event called Patch Countdown. In preparation for the next Free Fire MAX upgrade, the event was started. The participants are effectively given numerous tiny gifts on certain days. Players must need to log in every day.

Patch Countdown Event on Indian Server in Free Fire Max

One of the most recent events in Free Fire MAX, Patch Countdown event offers gamers tempting incentives. It will be available until January 10, 2023. And was just uploaded to the Indian server on January 5, 2023.

  • Sign up for a day to purchase pet food
  • Get 1 Gold Royale Voucher in 2 days (Expiry date: January 31, 2023),
  • 3 days to log in to receive 50 additional universal fragments,
  • 4 days Boondoggle Play Card (7d),
  • Login 5 days Game of Minds Login to Weapon Loot Crate,
  • 6 days Lunar New Year Armory.
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Steps to Sign-in on Indian Server 

You only need to log in for six days to get the stuff because these login criteria are sequential. There is no slack, though, as the event only lasts for six days, so you must sign up if you want to receive all the incentives.

Step 1: Accept the new event. Also Determine “Countdown to Patch” after navigating the menus on the left. 

Step 2: To get this individual item, click the Claim button on the right side.

It is not a good idea to skip out on these prizes. Daily sign-ins are necessary to qualify for them.

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The developers have disclosed some of the significant improvements. That will make with the OB38 release. They consist of:

  • Leaderboard for weapons
  • New: Santino’s persona
  • Kactus is a new pet.
  • BR mode modifications and new stuff
  • CS Enhancements
  • character development

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