How to Get Free Room Card in Free Fire MAX

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05/01/2023/Players can use free room card in free fire max/Credits: Eshwar Gaming YouTube.

Users still have a few days to earn a tonne of rewards after Free Fire MAX released the final batch of the 5th Anniversary activities. A new time-limited event offers free Custom Room Cards to gamers searching for rewards in the game. The “Free 24hr Room Card” became online earlier. Although it normally costs 100 diamonds, players must use it within a day.

It will be accessible until September 14, 2022, at 3:59 a.m. Logging into the game is the sole way to obtain the free card, making it rather simple to obtain the reward. As a result, it’s important to only collect the reward from the event area. When they’re planning to make a Custom Room.

Free Fire Max Room Card

The Garena Free Fire MAXΒ  Room Card is free, and here’s how users can get it:

On their cell phones, they should look for and choose the FF/FF MAX app. They should then sign in with their preferred social media account or the Guest option.

Sep 1: It is advised that “Guest” login players link their player ID to a particular social media site. It will make it simpler for users to preserve the data after each update and enable them to synchronize their progress across Free Fire and FF MAX.

Step 2: In order to access the events area of the game, players need to tap the “Calendar” symbol while still on the 5th Anniversary tab.

Step 3: Players can choose “Free 24hr” from the 5th Anniversary events by browsing through them.

Free Room CardΒ 

In the game mode section of Garena Free Fire MAX, you can utilize the free Custom Room Card (24 hours). Readers can use the same by following these instructions:

Step 1: From the main screen lobby, select the BR-Ranked option to access the game mode menu.

Step 2: Players must select “Custom” from the menu at the bottom.

Step 3: They should select their preferred option because the Custom Room Card is only compatible with Casual and League play.

Step 4: Players can alter a variety of gameplay variables, including the team mode, game mode, map, spectator limit, user count, password, ammo, HP, movement speed, and many others.

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