NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 3: Team Destro takes the lead!

The NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 3 has just concluded and Revenant has been toppled by Team Destro!

NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 3: Results (image via. NODWIN Gaming)

NODWIN has hosted one of the biggest BGMI tournament right after its 10-month unban. The NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims is on its 3rd day now and the tensions are running high.

The BGMI Pro Scrims started right after the Launch Party ended and has become a great event for BGMI fans. The ongoing tournament features a total prize money of INR 8,00,000 and will be ongoing for 1 more day. There are 32 teams competing for the grand prize, and Day 3 has already concluded with Team Destro conquering the whole day!

NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 3: Team Destro gains the upper hand

YouTube: NODWIN Gaming

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Day 3 was conducted today, on 7th June 2023, and featured the 32 teams face off once again in a four game format. The Groups have remained the same from the original schedule. The format for Nodwin BGMI Pro Scrims Day 3 was:

  • Match 1: A vs C – Erangel – 2x Placement Points
  • Match 2: A vs C – Miramar – 2x Finish Points
  • Match 3: B vs D – Erangel – 2x Placement Points
  • Match 4: B vs D – Miramar – 2x Finish Points
NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 3
NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 3- Overall Rankings after 12 matches (image via. NODWIN Gaming)

The tournament started off with a bang, and the scores reflect that. Team Destro who had been placed 8 overall in Day 2, simply awed everyone with their performance. Team Destro destroyed their opponents, amassing 48 points from a single day! They had 1 Chicken Dinner under their belt and an amazing 38 finishes. Day 3 has soared the scores of Team Destro, who now sit at at the top of the leaderboards.

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Team Revenant have been toppled, and Team Destro sits at the top with an overall of 124 points. Even though Revenant have more chicken dinners, Destro have overtaken them simply with the points from finishes.

Day 4 of BGMI Pro Scrims by NODWIN Gaming will be airing on 8th June, 2023, on their official YouTube Channel.

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