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NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims 2023 Grand Finals: OR Esports takes the crown!

The NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Grand Finals have just concluded with OR Esports winning the title!

BGMI (image via. BGMI)

NODWIM’s tournament has captured the attention of all BGMI gamers, just days after its unban. The NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims 2023 has just concluded its Grand Finals and the winners are none other than OR Esports!

The NODWIN BGMI PRO Scrims series has invited 32 of the best teams in India, to complete for a prize pool of INR 8,00,000. The esports scene in India has been revived and many new tournaments are on live right now. The Day 3 of BGMI Scrims had Team Destro taking the top spot for the day. The Grand Finals is on Day 4, today and here are the results.

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NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims 2023: Grand Finals Results!

YouTube: NODWIN Gaming

Day 4 will be the final day of the BGMI Scrims and a total of 16 teams have qualified for the event. The teams are:

  • Team Destro
  • VST
  • Gods Reign
  • Orangutan gaming
  • Team SouL
  • OR Esports
  • Medal Esports
  • 7Sea Esports
  • Rivalry Esports
  • Team 8Bit
  • Psyche

There have been 5 matches today, after which the points were calculated to reveal the winner. The schedule for the matches were as follows:

  • Match 1 – Erangel – 2x Placement Points
  • Match 2 – Miramar – 2x Finish Points
  • Match 3 – Erangel – 2x Placement Points
  • Match 4 – Sanhok – 2x Finish Points
  • Match 5 – Erangel – 2x Placement Points
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NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Grand Finals (image via. NODWIN Gaming)

The matches have concluded and the winners have been announced. OR Esports have performed spectacularly on the last day of Grand Finals, and have taken the Chicken Dinner right at the end! They have amassed a total of 83 points on the last day to take the first spot. They will be taking home a prize of INR 3,00,000.

But the battle was more cutthroat than you would expect. The Runner-up 7Sea Esports, lost the first spot only be a single point, scoring an overall of 82 on the final day. Team Destro, the best team from Day 3, takes the 3rd spot in the Finals with a score of 59.

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