New BGMI Update: New Changes listed!

The BGMI Updates will bring in new changes to the game that will make it more exciting!

BGMI (image via. Krafton)

BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India has kept all Indian gamers on their toes, with the new release pending this month. With the new release, many new changes will be coming to BGMI regarding its gameplay and in-game items. Here are the new changes in BGMI Update as listed by YouTuber IND AKHIL.

BGMI had posted a blog post earlier on their official website about the game making a return in India. It had been banned last year due to a government act. After 10 whole months BGMI is all set to return, and players were excite to know that the game will now have improvements made to it exclusively for this release. Although the new update is still not out yet, many YouTubers have leaked the changes that will be coming to the new and updated BGMI.

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BGMI Update Changes: Listed


A total of 25 changes are expected to come to the live servers once the game is available to be played. YouTuber IND AKHIL revealed a  insightful video on all the changes that will be coming to the game.

New Bots

New bots will be present in the game and they can even drive cars. Bots seem to be becoming more intuitive to provide a bigger threat.

Vehicle changes

A new convertible car and monster truck will be available in the game. Along with this, vehicles will now have in-built storage, and you can use that to carry ammo, weapons and consumables. There will also be a Cycle available in the game. Players can get a Cycle from a cycle stand that appears on the map.

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You can also find working petrol pumps on the map that will refill your vehicle.

New Features and Structures on Maps

You can now find a small van selling discounted weapons on random places on the map. This can help you get a weapon if you haven’t found one yet or can be used for a upgrade.

Several buildings like the hospital, School, Hotel, and in New Port will be changed. There will also be inclusion of a Tram to transport players.

BGMI Updates : New changes
BGMI (image via. dotesports.com)


A new Knife melee weapon will be available on the maps. Some guns can be modded with a gun shield to reduce incoming damage. There will also be a mod to turn weapons into full auto mode.

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There will be two new guns: Famas and Honey Badger.

Lobby Changes

There will be new animations for lobbies and also for starting plane ride. New emotes will be available to players and also a group emote feature.

Miscellaneous changes

There will be a new Creator Mode and new Voice to text changes. New animations for vehicles and new weather rotations are the other two key changes.

The changes will be confirmed once the new BGMI update will be live. The update is speculated to arrive within this month, but no official news has been released as of yet.

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