New Ranking System in BGMI: Explained, How To Reach Conqueror

Here is a detailed article about the new ranking system of BGMI. Now players can reach higher leveling the game by using simple methods.

New Ranking System in BGMI
11/11/2023 | Master the new BGMI ranking system! Explore additional tiers, challenge points, and tips to climb higher. Conquer the battleground with strategic gameplay. | Credits: BGMI

New Ranking System in BGMI: Krafton has released its battle royale game exclusively for Indian players. Moreover, the developers rolled up an update recently which introduced a new ranking system in the game. Players can now find it easier to reach a higher level in BGMI by using simple tips and tricks. Also, there is a new term called challenge points, so what are these points?

So, here is a complete guide to achieving a good rank in Battlegrounds Mobile India and what is the new ranking system in BGMI.

New Ranking System in BGMI: Everything You Need To Know

Tips And Tricks To Reach Higher Levels
Battlegrounds Mobile India is Now available for android

Recently, Krafton released their new 1.5 updates in their new game Battlegrounds Mobile India. there were many new additions in the game including a Tesla car in Ignition mode. Furthermore, one of the most interesting things which came in BGMI was the new ranking system.

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Moreover, there were two new levels added in the game names Ace Master and Ace Dominator. Earlier, players used to get higher points in the game like 5200 points and were only considered as Ace players if they failed to get ranked in the Top 500.

So, to avoid this BGMI will now give separate titles and rewards to the players who gained a lot of points after reaching the ace but failed to reach the highest tier.

New Tiers in BGMI

What are Challenge points in BGMI, new ranking system
All the tiers and levels in BGMI

Now the game has two new levels in the Ace tier. Moreover, players who will reach 4200 points will be getting the Ace rank. Furthermore, the Ace Master will be reached when players gain 4700 points in the game. Also, on achieving 5200 points players will be called Ace Dominator.

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However, if any player reaches Ace and is ranked under 500 on the server, he will be considered as Conqueror and will achieve the highest tier of the game. Moreover, the new ranking system in BGMI introduced a challenging point which acts as a tier protection card.

New Ranking System in BGMI: What Are Challenge Points?

Now, players can earn some points by playing the games. Moreover, the challenge points is somewhere related to fair play and players get points on the basis of how was their game.

So, if you stayed in the game ever after you are defeated and your team is surviving you will get some extra challenge points. There is a bar where the points get filled. And, when the bar is filed, players’ points will not be deducted in a match if they died earlier.

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So, the challenge points act as a rating protection card in the game.

Tips And Tricks To Reach Higher Levels (Conqueror) In BGMI

Players can now achieve good ranks in the game by using simple methods like landing safely and taking fights in the last zone. Landing safe will avoid you an early fight and you can take fights after gearing up properly.

Also, now the number of kills matters more than surviving in the game. So, make sure you’re getting a good amount of kills in order to gain extra points from one match.

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