Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to Get a Tesla in BGMI?

Excited to drive a Tesla in auto pilot mode in BGMI? Here is a detailed article about where to find and how to drive this super car.

Tesla in BGMI
BGMI New Collaboration With Tesla

Tesla in BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India is not giving any chance to catch the attention of the audience since its launch. Moreover, they launched a new update 1.5 in the game with some changes and exciting new additions. One of the most interesting things which came into the came is Tesla and players can get and drive it in the Erangle of BGMI.

Krafton has released an official statement that they have partnered with Elon Musk’s Tesla to give the gamers experience of this high-tech car. So, let’s have a look at the feature and how we can get a Tesla in the Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI?

Tesla in BGMI: Where to Find, How To Drive The Car?

Tesla in BGMI
Tesla Factory in Erangle

Battlegrounds Mobile India also known as BGMI has released their new update 1.5 for the fans. Furthermore, the players will experience new weapons and a new Royal pass including a new game mode. The developers have released the Ignition mode which is based on a high-tech city.

Additionally, the game mode will also experience the Tesla cars in BGMI. Players can watch the car being made in the factory. Furthermore, when the car is completely assembled, they can take it for a ride. The Tesla in BGMI is a model Y of the Tesla brand.

Auto-Pilot Mode

Players can drive the car on the roads of Erangle. Moreover, they can also use the insane feature of autopilot mode which Tesla provides in their real cars. However, the autopilot mode will be only activated when you will be driving it on the rods and not in the fields. The auto-pilot mode has a path set in the game and it will the same road in the mode.

Tesla Semi Truck

Drive Tesla
Semi Truck and Y model

There is also another vehicle added in BGMI after the update of 1.5 based on Tesla. Furthermore, the semi-truck runs in an autopilot mode in BGMI and can be found randomly. When shot at the truck, it will drop some random loot for players.

All of these features are available in the Ignition mode which makes the Erangle City a high-tech area.

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