New Pet Rumble Mode in Free Fire: All You Need to Know

Free Fire has recently launched the new Pet Rumble mode. This mode is a custom room mode that is accessible in the “custom” tab. 

New Pet Rumble Free Fire
New Pet Rumble in Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular royale battles on the mobile platform. Developers of Garena introduce several new features to keep player’s interest in the game. Lately, Free Fire has launched the Pet Rumble mode. This mode is a custom room mode that is accessible in the “custom” tab.

Pet Rumble mode can be only played with friends. Yet, some of the players are still confused on how to play this much type. Read the below article to get details about the Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire and how to play it.

How to play the Pet Rumble Mode in Free Fire: Simple Guide

As already referred, Pet Rumble mode is a custom game mode in Free Fire. This mode involves social deduction or murder mystery party-style game. Being a custom room challenge, this mode will require Pet Rumble custom room cards. Thus, players can get from their mailbox. 

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Now, you have to follow the given steps after you receive these cards.

Step-1: First of all, go to the mode selection tab placed on the rights side of the screen.

Step-2: After this, tap on  “Custom”. Now, click on the “Pet Rumble” option.

Step-3: Then, press the “create” button. Enter the details like password, the desired number of players, and the number of pranksters through the options provided on the screen.

Step-4: Also, players have to customize other options like game time, kill cooldown, task duration in the “Game” tab.

Step-5: Finally, click on the “confirm” button.

What are the Rules?

Pet Rumble mode: Rules and Gameplay

In this mode, there is one map called “Crisis Lab”. Here you will find scientists in the lab. Moreover, there will be one or more pranksters amongst them. These pranksters will try to eliminate all the scientists.

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The scientists will do some tasks in the lab. Now, the pranksters will win if they kill the scientists without being captured. But pranksters will win the game if they kill the scientists before they defeat them.

Also, scientists can report the dead body by inviting for a meet after they see it. This mode requires a total number of 4 players where one of them will be a prankster.

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