NA Teams Dominated the 2nd Day of VCT Masters

On the second day of VCT Maters, it was Sentinel and Version 1 who came out as winners. It will be now interesting to watch EU teams in the Lower bracket.

Sentinels and V1: The NA Teams Dominate
Sentinels defeated Fnatic 2:0

The second day of VCT Masters Reykjavik was named after North American representatives as in both the matches they tasted victory. Moreover, NA teams dominated over European teams and defeated them on both the occasion as Sentinels and V1 defeated their respective opponents.

In the first match, Version1 defeated Team Liquid by 2:1 and Sentinels followed the victory over Fnatic by 2:0. Furthermore, both North American teams now move forward to the upper semifinals where they will face Team Vikings and NUTURN.

How NA Teams Dominated at VCT Masters?

NA Teams Dominated
Version1 player vs Team Liquid

In the first match, Team Liquid made a good start and won the first map in Split in Overtime. Furthermore, It was Scream with his one taps, proving why he was called one-tap God in his CS days. However, V1 comeback and won back to back two maps on Ascent and Haven.

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There were some interesting moments in the match when TL’s Scoulcas tried to make something from V1’s Vanity back and was picked off. Moreover, there were simple mistakes by TL that cost them the loss. V1 on the other hand were without a flasher in the first two matches and were still able to move into the spike sites.

In the second match, Fnatic failed to give a fight to Sentinels. Moreover, fans were expecting some interesting results from the match, but it was Tenz and Shahzam who made sure that NA teams dominated on the second day of VCT Reykjavik.

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Tenz collected 49 kills from both the matches playing Reyna on Icebox and Jett on Haven. Moreover, now both these NA teams will move forward to Upper Semifinals. (xanax) Sentinels will face Brazilian Team Vikings and V1 will be competing against South Korea’s NUTURN.

How Social Media Reacted?

It was obvious that people will be found celebrating these victories as the NA teams are now 3:0 up against European Teams. Let’s see some of the posts from Twitter.

The first match went into overtime 3 times and yes, we can feel this.

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