What is One of The Most Famous Fortnite Item Shop Leak?

Fortnite Item Shop has some leaks, upcoming skins and upcoming collabs that we will discuss here.

fortnite upcoming skins 2022
4/11/2022 | Fan made Fortnite X Bleach collab that may be in Fortnite soon | Credits: CryRow YT

There are a lot of leaks about Fortnite going on over the internet. But it is really hard to seperate facts from rumors at the same time. So you will have to stay tuned to find out the most famous Fortnite Item Shop leak from us here.

What is One of The Most Famous Fortnite Item Shop Leak?

Fortnite Item Shop Leak
4/11/2022 | Dr. Slone with her evil and good variant together | Credits: hmite Twitter

By far the most famous leak has to be that of good and evil Dr. Slone in Fortnite. The skins were pitched by a social media by the name of 4chan. And since then people have made it viral all over the place. Everyone on twitter is talking about it. One of the variants has that ‘venom‘ look to it and the other one has an elemental sand look.

Our source was this tweet that mentioned the details of all the leaks but can’t mention the name of the leaker:

Apart from Slone there are the ‘3 Individuals’ which travel back to time to the collision live event. These skins follow the lore and have a real effect to their stories. Be on the lookout for them!

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All of The Upcoming Skins in Fortnite Item Shop 2022:

From the list of most recent released skins we have Ayida, Errant and Glitch all of whom are of Epic rarity. We also have the Polo Prodigy and Stadium Hero ’92. You may soon see the Underwriter skin in Fortnite. We also have the predictions of Dr. Slone making a return to the game. And Epic may pick those 3 skins that we still know the name of, from the recent Survey Skins in 2022. Apart from that most of the leak skins coming to Fortnite Item Shop will be from the upcoming collabs.

All Upcoming Collabs of Fortnite in 2022:

fortnite upcoming collabs
4/11/2022 | Fortnite already having a GTA V Creative map in game. | Credits: Epic Games

According to ShiinaBR, in September 2022, she mentioned that we will be getting 8 more collabs before the end of 2022. Although, we would like to add a lot of names in this list, this one has to be short. There are a few possibilities as we are towards the end of this year. Fortnite may even release some of these in 2023. And some may even be just rumors like the Michael Jordan Skin. The list below is also in the order of likelihood of the collabs that we think will come:

  • Pokemon (Anime) – Fortnite has already taken a lot of interest in Anime skins so this might be a huge possibility. Rumors for this collab have been there for almost a year now.
  • Bleach (Anime) – In a few surveys before Fortnite has mentioned the name of Bleach a lot of times. This makes us suspect this collab soon.
  • Love Death Robots (Netflix animated series) – Fortnite also included this name in their survey. The series was quite famous at the time of release.
  • Mickey Mouse (Cartoon) – Since Fortnite already loves to add animated characters to the game. And fans love him the most
  • GTA V (Game) – Speaking of trending games this might show up in a collab with Rockstar games.
  • Tfue (YouTuber) – Tfue has been the most consistent content creator and might feature in the next icon series of the game.
  • Transformers (Movie series) – Fans have long awaited this collab and would love to see them in the game.
  • One Piece (Anime) – This is the last anime that we think might make an appearance at the end of the year.
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That will be all for the most famous leak in Fortnite Item shop, upcoming skins in Fortnite 2022, and all the upcoming collabs.

Here you can take a look at all of the wraps of the ‘Machine Learning Set’ in Fortnite:

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