Mastering Explosive Mayhem: The Best Genshin Impact Klee Build Guide

16/10/2023 | Unleash fiery mayhem with the best Genshin Impact Klee build. Optimize your Pyro Catalyst-wielding adventurer with top weapons, artefacts, and team synergy. | Credits: Genshin Impact

The magical world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact is filled with a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and strengths. In this guide, we’ll delve into the explosive world of Klee, the young and vibrant Pyro Catalyst user known for leaving a trail of fiery chaos wherever she goes. Whether you’re a seasoned Klee enthusiast or just unlocked her through the 2.8 update banner, we’ve got the best Klee build to help you maximize her pyromaniacal potential.

Meet Klee: The Pyrotechnic Prodigy

Before we dive into the details of her ideal build, let’s get to know Klee a bit better. Klee is a five-star Pyro Catalyst user, and she’s not your typical adventurer. She’s the daughter of the fearless explorer and guide writer, Alice. With her petite stature and playful demeanor, Klee may seem innocent, but her arsenal of explosive abilities tells a different story.

The Ideal Weapon: Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

For Kllee, the ideal weapon to wield is the “Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds.” This five-star weapon offers unique benefits that perfectly complement Klee’s playstyle. It provides a 10% increase in movement speed, a crucial feature for Klee since her short-range attacks require precise positioning. The weapon also grants a damage bonus to elemental damage every four seconds while in combat, stacking up to four times. This effect lasts until Kllee is swapped out or defeated. Additionally, the weapon offers a 7.5% bonus to the critical rate, enhancing Klee’s overall combat capabilities.

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While the “Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds” is the top choice, the “Skyward Atlas” can also be a viable option. This four-star weapon increases Kllee’s elemental damage by 12%. Upon a successful hit with a normal attack, there’s a 50% chance to produce a cloud that seeks out enemies, dealing 160% attack damage for 15 seconds. The 30-second cooldown activates upon cloud summoning, ensuring that Kllee can maintain this impressive effect during her attacks.

Choosing the Right Artifacts: Crimson Witch of Flames Set

When it comes to artefacts, the “Crimson Witch of Flames” set is Kllee’s best friend. This four-piece set offers a range of bonuses that perfectly align with Kllee’s fiery abilities. It provides a 15% Pyro DMG bonus as a two-piece set. However, when equipped as a four-piece set, it significantly increases Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40%. Moreover, it enhances Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%, adding a layer of versatility to Kllee’s elemental reactions.

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The unique feature of this artefact set is its ability to upgrade the initial 15% Pyro damage bonus granted by the two-piece set. After using Kllee’s Elemental Skill, the set boosts the bonus by 7.5% for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to three times, reaching a maximum of 37.5% Pyro DMG bonus. The “Crimson Witch of Flames” set allows Klee to deal devastating elemental combos, inflicting powerful reactions on multiple targets at once.

An alternative option, though not as effective as the four-piece Crimson Witch set, is to combine the “Crimson Witch of Flames” set with the “Gladiator’s Finale” set. The latter provides an additional 18% attack bonus, making it suitable for high DPS characters like Kllee. However, it’s worth noting that the four-piece “Crimson Witch of Flames” set remains the superior choice for Kllee.

Building Synergy: Choosing the Right Team

To make the most of Kleee’s capacity for dealing out devastating elemental combos, it’s essential to pair her with the right teammates. Her abilities thrive when triggering elemental reactions, particularly with Cryo or Hydro characters. Here are some recommended team compositions:

  1. Klee and Xingqiu: Xingqiu is an excellent choice for Klee. He can handle close-range enemies and, more importantly, his Elemental Burst effect persists even after he’s switched out. This allows Kllee to trigger Vaporize during her normal attacks consistently.
  2. Klee and Rosaria: Rosaria’s Cryo skills pair exceptionally well with Kllee, creating frequent Melt reactions. This combination unleashes a potent synergy of elemental damage.
  3. Klee and Bennett: Bennett is a consistent choice for Pyro DPS characters. His Pyro elemental resonance grants a 25% attack boost, enhancing Klee’s damage output. Furthermore, his Elemental Burst provides AoE healing, ensuring Kllee’s survivability in intense battles.
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With the right weapon, artefacts, and team synergy, Klee can truly shine as a formidable Pyro Catalyst user in Genshin Impact. Whether you’re new to her explosive gameplay or a longtime fan, this Kllee build guide will help you make the most of her pyromaniacal potential. Explore the world of Teyvat with Kllee and unleash fiery chaos with confidence.

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