Marvel’s Spider Man 2 Gameplay trailer revealed: New suit, gameplay features and more!

The new Marvel's Spider Man 2 Gameplay trailer has been revealed and here are the features showcased in it.

Spider Man 2 Gameplay reveal
Spider Man 2 (image via. YouTube: Marvel Entertainment)

Spider Man has been one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, and Marvel’s extending the character to gamers has been a huge success. The latest release shows us, Marvel’s Spider Man 2 Gameplay in great detail on the PS5. This trailer has excited fans and also given us clues on how the story might progress.

Spider-Man 2’s gameplay has led to many insights on their new gameplay features and also about where the story is going to go. The gameplay trailer featured a mission where Peter Parker and Miles Morales are seen tracking the Lizard. The chase and fight between them and Kraven and Lizard are the only mission revealed as of yet. But there has been some interesting reveals from this.

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Marvel’s Spider Man 2 Gameplay: New Features

YouTube: Marvel Entertainment

After seeing the new Gameplay trailer, we can be certain that there has been a lot of work behind making this game feel unique.

The first unique thing about this game is its original story. We have the threat of Kraven the Hunter and the Lizard, made apparent from the trailer. Additionally, we see Peter Parker donning the new Venom symbiote suit in this trailer. The suit is definitely affecting Peter’s personality as you can see him becoming more aggressive throughout the trailer. Miles is left wondering about Peter’s recent change. Many people speculate that this can lead to a epic final fight between Symbiote Peter Parker vs Miles Morales, where Miles would need to separate Peter from Venom. Harry’s life is also endangered and the Lizard/ Dr. Connor might be the key to saving him.

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Apart from the new and exciting storyline, we also get to see the new Spiderman Symbiote suit and its new abilities. It has tentacle-like attachments that helps Peter grab and throw things with force greater than normal Spider man. It also seems to have an automatic defensive property similar to spider sense.

YouTube: IGN

The most exciting part will be switching between the two spider man characters, Peter and Miles. The gameplay revealed that players can switch characters in between missions and actions to make it more dynamic. Although there will be no cross-play, this does introduce a new aspect to the Spider-Man games.

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Marvel’s Spider Man 2 is all set to release late in 2023, but the exact date has not been revealed yet. We expect to get many more gameplay trailers as we near the release date.

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