Kyedae Celebrates the End of Chemotherapy

28/09/2023 | Popular streamer Kyedae shares her victory over leukaemia with her fans, announcing the end of chemotherapy during a heartwarming Livestream. | Credits: Kyedae Twitch

Popular streamer Kyedae, known for her Valorant content, recently shared some heartwarming news with her fans during a live stream on Wednesday, September 27. She announced that she is officially off chemotherapy, marking a significant milestone in her battle against acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), a cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

A Triumph Over AML for Kyedae

Kyedae’s journey with AML began when she was diagnosed with the disease back in March. The news came as a shock to her and her followers, who had been accustomed to her entertaining Valorant streams. Despite the challenges posed by her diagnosis, Kyedae continued to share her experiences and updates with her dedicated fanbase.

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In her recent livestream, Kyedae expressed her joy at the prospect of leaving chemotherapy behind. “I am officially off of chemotherapy now,” she revealed, her face beaming with happiness. “My hair has started to grow back, my nails have been growing a little bit, too, and I’m so happy.”

While this is undoubtedly a significant milestone, Kyedae also emphasized that her health journey is far from over. She explained that her treatment isn’t yet complete, and she will still need to undergo additional procedures and monitoring to ensure her continued recovery.

“It does not mean that all of my treatment is done yet,” Kyedae clarified, “but for now, my hair has started to grow back. My nails have been growing a little bit, too, and I’m so happy.”

Kyedae: A Brave Battle and a Strong Support System

Kyedae’s journey has been characterized by her resilience and positivity in the face of adversity. Throughout her battle with AML, she has maintained a strong connection with her fanbase, often updating them on her progress and expressing gratitude for their unwavering support.

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The gaming community has rallied around Kyedae during this challenging period, offering encouragement, kind words, and best wishes for her recovery. Her popularity in the esports world, particularly as a content creator for the renowned organization 100 Thieves, has made her a beloved figure among gamers.

In recognition of her contributions to the gaming community and her impressive Valorant streams, Kyedae was honoured with the title of “Best Valorant Streamer” at this year’s Streamer Awards. This achievement not only highlights her talent but also underscores the profound impact she has had on the gaming and streaming landscape.

AML: A Complex Challenge

Acute myeloid leukaemia is a complex and serious medical condition that affects the blood and bone marrow. While the exact causes of AML remain unclear, several risk factors have been identified, including exposure to radiation, smoking, previous diagnoses of blood disorders like myelodysplasia, and increasing age.

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Kyedae’s journey serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating the importance of resilience, hope, and the support of a loving community during difficult times. Her announcement of being off chemotherapy is a significant step forward, and fans around the world are undoubtedly celebrating this victory alongside her.

As Kyedae continues her health journey, her fans eagerly await more updates and look forward to the day when she can return to her beloved Valorant streams, sharing her passion and enthusiasm for gaming once again.

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