Kazuha Genshin Impact Banner Rerun: Release Date, Abilities, and More

Kazuha Genshin Impact
20/10/2023 | Kazuha Genshin Impact banner rerun details: Release date, abilities, and why you should secure this Anemo character for your team. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Kazuha Genshin Impact is making a return in the 3.7 update with a banner rerun. This Anemo Sword user from Inazuma is known for his elemental damage and synergy with other elements. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Kazuha’s banner rerun, abilities, and how to make the most of this fan-favourite character.

Kazuha Genshin Impact Banner Rerun Release Date

Kazuha’s banner rerun became available in the second phase of the Genshin Impact 3.7 update, which started on June 13, 2023. Kazuha enthusiasts have until July 4 to try their luck and secure this remarkable character.

Kazuha Genshin Impact Abilities

Kazuha’s abilities are centred around his Anemo power and offer a unique playstyle that involves crowd control and elemental synergies.

  1. Normal Attack – Garyu Bladework
    • Normal Attack: Unleashes up to five rapid strikes.
    • Charged Attack: Consumes stamina for two swift sword strikes.
    • Plunging Attack: Inflicts damage and creates a miniature wind tunnel if triggered in mid-air using the Elemental Skill, Chihayaburu.
  2. Elemental Skill – Chihayaburu
    • Press: Kazuha pulls objects and enemies towards him and launches them in the area of effect, dealing Anemo damage.
    • Hold Charges up for a larger AoE and greater Anemo damage.
  3. Elemental Burst – Kazuha Slash
    • Unleashes a powerful Anemo strike that creates an Autumn Whirlwind field dealing Anemo damage at intervals.
    • Elemental Absorption: The field can absorb other elements to deal additional elemental damage.
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Kazuha Genshin Impact Passive Talents

Kazuha’s talents further enhance his elemental abilities and energy regeneration:

  1. Cloud Strider: Reduces sprinting stamina consumption for all party members by 20%.
  2. Soumon Swordsmanship: Elemental Absorption during Chihayaburu deals 200% additional Plunging attack damage of the absorbed element.
  3. Poetics of Fuubutsu: Kazuha grants a bonus Elemental damage of 0.04% for eight seconds to teammates when triggering a Swirl reaction.

Kazuha Genshin Impact Constellations

Kazuha’s constellations bring significant improvements to his abilities:

  1. Scarlet Hills: Reduces Chihayaburu’s cooldown by 10%, and using Kazuha Slash resets Chihayaburu’s cooldown.
  2. Yamaarashi Tailwind: Enhances Kazuha’s Elemental Mastery and boosts nearby characters’ Elemental Mastery within the Autumn Whirlwind field.
  3. Maple Monogatari: Increases the level of Chihayaburu by three.
  4. Oozora Genpou: Provides energy regeneration when Kazuha’s energy is below 45.
  5. Wisdom of Bansei: Increases the level of Kazuha Slash by three.
  6. Crimson Momiji: Grants Anemo Infusion after using Chihayaburu or Kazuha Slash and enhances normal, charged, and plunging attack damage based on Elemental Mastery.
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Kazuha’s banner rerun is a golden opportunity for Genshin Impact players to acquire this versatile Anemo character. His unique abilities, elemental mastery, and elemental synergy potential make him a valuable addition to any team composition. Whether you’re seeking crowd control or powerful elemental reactions, Kazuha has it all. Don’t miss the chance to secure this exceptional character during the banner rerun.

With the right build and a team that complements his abilities, Kazuha can become a game-changer in the world of Teyvat. So, if you’re aiming to strengthen your roster, don’t forget to make a wish on Kazuha’s banner before it’s too late.

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