India’s Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters
13/10/2023 | Discover the top 5 PUBG Mobile casters in India who brought excitement to the eSports scene with their incredible talent and knowledge. | Credits: PUBG Mobile

Casters are one of the key things that make a tournament successful and in India PUBG Mobile boomed the eSports scene with their tournaments. Further, many casters emerged and India saw some good talents in casting. So, who are the Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters in India?

The Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters in India is a list based on the casters who are often seen on screen, casting. Therefore, there were some matches that were super exciting to watch, and without them, it would not have been that enjoyable to watch. So, Let’s have a look at the Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters in India.

Who are the Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters in India?

1. Ocean Sharma

Hindi Caster Ocean Sharma
Pubg Mobile caster: Ocean Sharma

He is one of the most well-known figures in the casting of esports in India. Ocean Sharma started his journey from streamer battle and later on went to cast official tournaments like PMCO and PMPL.

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Moreover, he can be cast in both languages but is often seen speaking the Hindi language. His knowledge about the game excites the audience that is one of the reasons he is loved by all. Additionally, he also owns a YouTube channel where he gives information about the game.

Youtube Channel Link

2. Mannu Krat Karki

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters
Krat while casting PMCO

Mannu Karki a.k.a Krat is one of the oldest casters in the gaming community of India. Moreover, he was one of the casters who was present in the first PMCO of PUBG Mobile.

Earlier, he was casting CS: GO games organized by Nodwin Gaming. Currently, he is active on his YouTube channel and gives ideas and shares views about gaming in India.

Youtube Channel Link

3. Varun John

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters
Johny Varun John

Varun John Jonny is often seen sharing screen along with Ocean Sharma. Additionally, there are very rare tournaments from which Varun is absent.

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Just like Krat, Varun was also a CS: GO caster but later on entered the scene of PUBG Mobile. Varun also works as an analyst in Nodwin Gaming along with casting.

4. Ketan “K18” Patel

K18 during PMPL

Started casting PUBG Mobile scrims which were organized by himself named K18 customs. Furthermore, he took small steps in the journey, and now he casts official tournaments of PUBG Mobile.

K18 is mostly seen casting in Hindi and was part of almost every official tournament that happened in India. He was seen casting PMCO, PMPL, PMIS, and many international tournaments. Currently, he makes vlogs and entertains the audience.

Youtube Channel Link

5. Amrit “Fyxs” Gourav

Fyxs while casting
Fyxs while casting

Fyxs started his journey while casting tournaments organized by his team called Pain Elite Customs. Moreover, he is a very good entertainer apart from casting as the audiences saw in K18’s Vlog.

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Fyxs started casting official tournaments in PMPL where he was on the Hindi Desk. Furthermore, Fyxs has also cast official tournaments in English along with the famous Indian English caster The Experiment.

Youtube Channel Link

Special Mention: Sudhen “Bleh” Wahengbam and Angad Singh a.k.a Experiment Gaming are one of the finest casters in India. Furthermore, both of them are seen casting PUBG Mobile in the English language.

Now, when PUBG Mobile is banned and a new game BGMI is all set to launch, the audience is expecting their beloved casters to see it again. Moreover, these casters never failed to deliver excitement and we hope they will continue to do so with the new game.

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