How to use Kingdom Credits in Valorant Episode 7?

Kingdom Credits will be the brand new free currency in Valorant in Episode 7.

Kingdom Credits in Valorant Espisode 7
Valorant Episode 7 Progression Update (image via. Riot Games)

Valorant will be getting a major update with Episode 7 coming to the game. This will change many core aspects of the UI, gameplay, and even some game modes. Moreover, players can expect new Agents and also new maps. Among these new changes there are also Kingdom Credits, which are going to be a brand new currency in Valorant.

Valorant Episode 7 will be a big update that will be arriving in late June 2023. The update will most prominently change the Progression system in Valorant, which includes Daily Rewards, Agent Contracts and the Shop. An important aspect in-between all of these changes is the introduction of a new currency.

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Kingdom Credits in Valorant: Where and How to Use them?

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Kingdom Credits will be the brand new currency in Valorant and it will be completely free! This means that Kingdom Credits can be earned by playing games. Players can earn this currency by playing games in any game mode. Players will also get a bonus on winning rounds and matches.

These can be earned while simultaneously earning Battle Pass XP and Agent Recruitment XP. Agent Recruitment has been changed a bit, but if players miss the chance to activate the contract during the event, you can use Kingdom Credits to unlock the agents from the Store.

Kingdom Credits can also be used to unlock a variety of Agent Gear and Battlepass Accessories. Agent Gear unique to the agent can be brought with this currency. Battlepass Accessories will also be making an appearance in the Store as a rotating market, consisting of gun bundles, player cards, sprays, and titles.

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Players can use Kingdom Credits to purchase all of the above items. However, you must be aware that the currency caps out in your inventory at 10,000, so you need to keep spending it in order to not waste it. More information about the currency will be released alongside the Episode 7 Valorant update.

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