How to obtain the Cyber Bunny Bundle in Free Fire?

Cyber Bunny Bundle in Free Fire

This article will give you a detailed guide on how to obtain the new Cyber Bunny bundle. As the Treasure Vault event is currently underway in Free Fire. Garena provides dozen of skins through such events to lure the majority of its players.

The game has also made various rewards from this new event, like bundles and different cosmetic items. Now, the creators have added a new Cyber Bunny bundle accessible in the new Treasure Vault event.

Get the New Cyber Bunny Bundle in Free Fire

Players will able to obtain the new Cyber Bunny bundle by making spins during the event. Also, for making spins, you have to spend the diamonds-the in-game currency of Free Fire. Players will be able to collect rewards from April 2 to April 8.

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Players have 2 spin options.

Normal spin: Here, players will get rewards from a pool of nine spins. Also, you will able to hit the grand prize within nine spins.

Super spin: Whenever you make a spin, you will collect rewards from a pool of 3 items. Therefore, you have to make less spin to get the rewards. Also, the number of diamonds will gradually increase if you miss out. Moreover, you won’t get duplicate items. As a result, your chances of getting an exclusive bundle will also increase.

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Following is the list of rewards that players can collect from the Treasure Vault event.

  • Cyber Bunny Bundle
  • Purple Wings backpack
  • Wiggle Walk emote
  • Cube fragment
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Bounty Token Playcard (3d)
  • 100x Universal Fragments
  • Pet Food
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How to access the new Treasure Vault event in Free Fire

Step 1: Firstly, you need to open Garena Free Fire. Then, click on the ‘Calendar’ icon placed on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: Go through the ‘News’ tab and press the ‘Treasure Vault’ section.

Step 3: After this, press the ‘Go To’ button and select the necessary spin option.

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