How to Have a 5-Star Match in WWE 2K23

5-Star Match in WWE 2K23
27/03/2023/ 5-Star Match in WWE 2K23 / Credits – Visual Concepts

Would you like to keep your WWE 2K23  match games at a steady 5-star rating, Players in the well-known wrestling simulator are given star ratings following each bout based on how well they fared against their opponents. While star ratings affect the quantity of VC and Shop Tokens earned after a match, fans will undoubtedly want to obtain higher star ratings.

Superstars, Arenas, and Belts that may be purchased can be unlocked by players using VC Virtual Currency and Store Tokens sometimes referred to as Tokens. The microtransaction system in WWE 2K23 is optional for players; they are not required to use it to access certain features.

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In addition to investing actual money to buy VC packs, gamers also have the option of grinding out wins to get them. Although challenging, the latter is a worthwhile battling experience, especially in light of how challenging and exciting a real-life WWE game can be.

5-Star Match in WWE 2K23

Gamers should be aware of the fundamental guidelines governing match ratings. The rating a player receives will increase as the game continues and as much drama is there. Thus, remember that you should let your adversary to counterattack while you suffer harm and defend yourself from their actions. You will get extra Points by letting your adversary pin you while you try to escape.

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Avoid taking the opponent out right away in an attempt to win the Squash Match as doing so will limit the number of Points you may get. In WWE 2K23, such matchups are ineligible for 5-star match ratings.

The longer you postpone the victory to make the competition appear more difficult, the more experience points and match ratings you get. Moreover, be careful to counter your opponent by employing a range of actions, such as Signature Moves and OMG Moves.

Exciting the audience will help you win them over, and this is a key element in calculating the match grade. To increase the excitement, tease your opponent with the Wake Up Taunt, Opponent Taunt, or Crowd Taunt actions.

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Decide to participate in erratic match styles including Extreme Rules, TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs), and No Disqualification. For WWE 2K23 to give you a good match rating, your opponents should be subjected to destructive weapons like as tables, chairs, ladders, baseball bats, sledgehammers, and more.

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