How to get the Daruma Charm Gun Buddy in Valorant?

Here is how to obtain the new Daruma Charm Gun Buddy in Valorant for free!

Daruma Charm Gun Buddy
Daruma Charm Gun Buddy (image via. valorant)

Valorant Espisode 7 Act 1 has been full of surprises, as new Agents, progression system and TDM game mode has kept players engaged. Here is how to get the Daruma Charm Gun Buddy in Valorant by linking to Prime Gaming.

Valorant is home to a ton of cosmetics that players can obtain through the Battle Pass or through the in-game store and events. The most popular items in Valorant are Weapon skins. Along with new weapon skins, each new battle pass also comes with other skins as well. These generally include Gun Buddies, Player cards, and also emotes.

Daruma Charm Gun Buddy in Valorant

Gun Buddies are very sought after in Valorant as they provide certain character to the gun. Players can customize the gun with skins and gun buddies add a small charm to the side. Players can get these from the Store, Battle Pass, and event from events and tournament drops. Such an event is ongoing currently in the game, where a simple link up can get you this cosmetic.

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The Daruma Charm Gun Buddy in Valorant is completely free for players, but they have to link their Valorant Account to Amazon Prime. This is exclusive for only Amazon Prime users, and you have until 26th July 2023 to get this item.

To get this item you need to do the following:

  • You need to have a Amazon Prime account first and foremost.
  • Even if you do not have one, the 30-day Trial will work the same.
  • If you are already a Prime member, you simply need to sign into Prime and then link your Valorant Account to Amazon.
  • The gun buddy will be unlocked automatically after completing this process.
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How to equip the Gun Buddy?

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  • First of all open Valorant and navigate to the Collections tab on the top.
  • Select the Gunbuddy that you want to equip and then select the Weapon that you are going to equip it to.
  • You are done. Now the gun buddy will adorn your chosen gun until changed.

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