How to Get Rough Ruby in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite Rough Ruby
LEGO Fortnite Rough Ruby is required to build your imagination items and for that, you should check out how to get them. | Credit: LEGO Fortnite.

Currently, LEGO Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 streaming come up with the most popular Star Wars crossover event. This event allows players to collect exciting free rewards from the iconic franchise. From that, you can now create vehicles, craft weapons, and others.

But to build their imagination items players need to find out some major resources like Ruby. However, it is difficult to locate in this game and players are required to explore. 

Don’t worry, here is the solution and complete detailed information that lets you know how to get LEGO Fortnite Rough Ruby. Along with how to craft Cut Ruby (processed variant) and its use.

How to Get LEGO Fortnite Rough Ruby

How did I get a rough Ruby ??(context below)
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To get the Rudy, make your way across to a valley Biome where you have to find a cave. Then, go ahead and move toward the cave, it might take you a while. So, I suggest you use a torch.

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Once you reach inside the cave, there are a bunch of different gems but you actually have to look for the Dark Red one (random position). This spawn is near lava if you don’t How to Play LEGO Fortnite Block Lava Floor then check it. Once you locate Rough Ruby you can easily mine it to use in LEGO Fortnite.

Note: To collect Rough Ruby you should have one Rare Pickaxe to break Ruby deposits. Apart from this if you wanted to craft a Pickaxe by Rare Crafting Bench, then useable materials are – x3 Flexwood and x3 Sand Claws.

How to Craft Cut Ruby

Once you collect enough Rough Rubies the next step is to craft the Cut Ruby, for which you’ll need a Gem Cutter. This Cutter player can be created by gathering x20 Marble Slabs, x5 Sand Claws, x5 Rough Amber, and x3 Sand Shells.

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For crafting the Cut Ruby just interact with the Gem Cutter and deposit Rough Ruby and as a result crafting process starts.

These Ruby players can be used to craft different charms which will help them through your adventurous journey. Here are some recipes that required Ruby to craft a charm:

Inner Fire Charm Crafting Recipe: Required

  • Wool Thread x3
  • Cut Ruby x5
  • Brightcore x8
  • Blast Core x3

Good Luck Charm Crafting Recipe: Required

  • Heavy Wool Thread x3
  • Rough Amber x5
  • Rough Ruby x5
  • Rough Sapphire x5

Actually, to get LEGO Fortnite Rough Ruby, there is no specific position we mentioned because you’ll always find them in different random places in the cave. But yes, you have to look after the dark red-spotted area to mine these Rubies in the game.

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