How to Get Invisible Name in Free Fire 2023

How to Get an Invisible Free Fire Name in 2023
17/01/2023/ How to Get an Invisible Free Fire Name in 2023 / Credits – PUBG Mobile

In Free Fire, the majority of players yearn for a catchy moniker to set oneself apart from the competition. The player population has evolved several inventive techniques over time for obtaining a distinctive IGN.

The invisible name trick, one of the various techniques used by users, makes advantage of Unicode 3164, often known as Hangul Filler. People need to employ unique symbols in addition to the particular Unicode character to finish the procedure.

However, many new players frequently struggle to comprehend the invisible name procedure owing to its complexity. We offer a thorough tutorial on how to obtain an invisible name in Garena Free Fire in the area below.

How to Get an Invisible Name in Garena Free Fire

As previously stated, utilizing Unicode 3164 is necessary to make the name invisible. The character must be put next to Braille symbols to accomplish this operation. This is mainly because Braille symbols in Free Fire also seem to be invisible.

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Check out the steps that have been listed below if you are unsure about the specifics:

Copy the “Unicode 3164” into the “Notes” app on your mobile device as the first step. The Unicode character is available on many pages on the internet, including “Compact”.

Step 2: Look for the braille symbols and paste them after pasting the Hangul Filler.

Subscript characters are an alternative to the braille symbols. To get an invisible name in the battle royale title, you can paste them instead.

Step 3: After pasting the symbols, copy and paste the full content inside the battle royale title while altering your name.

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After following these procedures, Free Fire will display your invisible name.

How to change the name in Garena Free Fire

It simply takes a few minutes of your time to easily change the name. The actions that you must take in order to change your name in the battle royale game are as follows:

To access your in-game profile, open the game on your mobile device and click the top-left corner. On your screen, your profile will shortly display.

Step 2: After selecting your current moniker, you must touch on the name-change button. On the screen, the “Change Nickname” dialog box will appear.

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Step 3: Insert the text for the previously established invisible nickname. Once you’ve done that, click the 390 Diamonds button to finish the procedure and receive an invisible name.

A Name Change Card can be used in addition to diamonds to accomplish the same goal. It has a set price in in-game currency and isn’t free. (fragster.com) The Name Change Card is available for 200 Guild Tokens and 39 diamonds.

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