How to Fix PUBG Mobile Loading Issue? Fixed 101%

Fix PUBG Mobile Loading Issue
Fix PUBG Mobile Loading Issue

In this article, we will help you to fix PUBG Mobile loading issue which you are facing in PUBG. In PUBG Mobile 1.4 latest version, games unable to connect through the sever. This results in PUBG Mobile unable to open and got stuck in the loading screen.

Also, the screen loading will end with an error code 154140716. To fix PUBG Mobile error code 154140716, we will provide you a complete instruction guide. This error happens due to Internet Issues and sometimes due to firewall problems. And it only occurs when you are trying to open a game that is not available in your country to play.

When are you Getting a Loading Screen Error in PUBG Mobile, and Why?

When launching the PUBG Mobile global version, you will see a loading screen that connects your game to the PUBG Mobile server. Unfortunately, the game cannot join, and it ends with a popup.

Unable to connect to server. Please try a different network or grant WiFi access to the game in your settings. Error Code: 154140716

Now, we look at why you are getting PUBG Mobile loading error. This error you will see due to some reasons, which are-

  1. The server provider might block Tencent server IP’s. Who is responsible for connecting PUBG Mobile global game database to the user’s APK.
  2. Mobile Internet or WiFi problem.
  3. Your internet setting got messed up, and you need to fix them.
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Fix PUBG Mobile Loading Issue which is 100% working For everyone

Here we will discuss all different types of methods that will help you fix this Loading screen error.

Please go through the below methods and steps to fix the problem: PUBG stuck on loading screen in-game, or PUBG Mobile stuck on Login screen.

Method 1: Using DNS setting of the mobile (100% will fix the Loading issue)

Follow the below steps to change the private DNS setting and to fix the PUBG Mobile error 154140716:

  1. Go to the Settings of your mobile phone in which you were facing a PUBG Mobile login error.
  2. Then search for ‘Private DNS.’
  3. Open the ‘Private DNS‘ option, and now you will see three options in it.
  4. Select ‘Designated private DNS‘, and when it gets open, it will ask you to put a DNS name.
  5. Enter ‘dns.google‘ and then save it. Check the below image for reference.

    DNS settings
  6. After this setting tries to open your game, you will never see a PUBG Mobile loading error again.

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Alternative Methods to Solve the Login Problem of PUBG Mobile:

  1. Needed Private WiFi Connection

Open your game using private WiFi, which will automatically change the server to an international ISP. So, you will never face PUBG mobile logging problems with this method.

  1. Open the game through a Faster VPN App

This is another solution for many internet problems like your internet service provider blacklists few servers, but you can still access them using a VPN.

The VPN is a virtual private internet, which changes your IP addresses for a different location. So, by changing your IP address, you can play the game which is not available in your country.

Disclaimer: This is only for informational and educational purposes only.

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