How to Enable Fortnite Split-Screen and play with friends?

Fortnite Split-Screen
Fortnite Split-Screen

Fortnite has a tremendous following in the world of gaming. Players enjoy playing in squad mode. Earlier, all the players of the squad needed to have an individual device. So, to ease it, Fortnite has introduced the concept of Split-Screen in Season 1, Chapter 2. The split-screen helps the players to play from the same screen while playing in the squad mode.
The usage of split-screen is smooth. But some people often get confused about how to enable the Fortnite split-screen facility. Here is a complete guide to this in this article. Moreover, one thing to remember is that only specific players can enjoy this ability. So, only the users of PlayStation and Xbox can enjoy the split-screen.

Step-By-Step Guide to Enable Fortnite Split-Screen:

Enable Fortnite Split-Screen

The complete procedure to enable Fortnite split-screen option is easy. There are some prerequisites to play with your friends using a split-screen. You only require a good internet connection along with a second controller. Moreover, you can enable the split-screen for Battle Royale Duo and Squad Modes.
To enable the Fortnite split-screen option and play with your friends, follow the below-given guide carefully:

  • Enable Fortnite on either PlayStation or Xbox.
  • Attach a second controller to either PlayStation or Xbox according to your choice.
  • Now turn it ON.
  • Click on the Main Menu.
  • After this, the first player has to invite another player using the linked Epic Games account.
  • The second player has to sign in to play the game together.
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Once everyone is connected, you will enter the lobby of the first player. Fortnite split-screen can be viewed only after the game begins. The screen splits horizontally. But you should all stay connected throughout the game because if a single player leaves, all the players will disconnect automatically.
Along with this, only two players can enjoy the screen at a time. In addition to this, Fortnite does not provide the multi-language option. So, both players have to use the same language. Also, be aware of the glitches and bugs.

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