Cookbooks Locations Fortnite: Fortnite Week 14 Challenge

To ease your task a little more, we have prepared a complete list on this. You can use this list to find the Cookbooks in Fortnite easily.


Players have a golden chance to secure themselves more XP before the end of Season 5. Fortnite Week 14 challenges have been unveiled recently. One of these challenges demands you to collect four cookbooks that too in two different locations.

Although it seems pretty easy to collect the four cookbooks, sometimes finding them on the map becomes quite confusing. But to ease your task a little more, we have prepared a complete list on this. You can use this list to identify the cookbooks locations in Fortnite easily.

Cookbooks Locations in Fortnite

Pleasant Park Locations: Cookbooks

You can collect five cookbooks in Pleasant Park. As you need to collect only four cookbooks so, Pleasant Park is one of the appropriate places.

  • Cookbook 1: A yellow colored house on the west side
  • Cookbook 2: A white colored house in the Westside
  • Cookbook 3: A house of Bricks in the northwest
  • Cookbook 4: A grey colored house in the northeast.
  • Cookbook 5: A grey colored house in the southwest

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Craggy Cliff Locations: Cookbooks

Here, you can collect all four cookbooks from the same place only.

  • Cookbook 1:  An enormous white building on the Westside. After reaching the building, go to the storage room for the cookbook.
  • Cookbook 2: A metal factory in the Eastside.
  • Cookbook 3: West side of the clock tower. Now go to the kitchen of a White House.
  • Cookbook 4: Behind the stairs of the ground floor of the Clock tower.

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