How to Download the Top 4 Mods for Minecraft 1.21 and 1.21.0?

Best Mods for Minecraft
31/10/2023 | Explore the best Mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21 and 1.21.0, including Demon Slayer, Jenny, Pixelmon, Intimacy, and Herobrine. Enjoy new gameplay experiences! | Credits: Xbox

Minecraft is a simple adventure game, but still has a major following. Players have also deviated from the core gameplay, and used the Sanadbox feature to their advantage, making mods to change the gameplay completely. The mods allow you to experience Minecraft as a completely different game. Here are the best Mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21 and 1.21.0.

Mods change the gameplay of any game significantly. These modify the game and change core aspects. For example, you can play Minecraft as an FPS shooter, if you find the right mod. Apart from that, players can also enjoy a variety of other mods. We list some of the best for Bedrock Edition of 1.21.0, which might interest you.

Download Mods for Minecraft 1.21 and 1.21.0 (Bedrock version)

Demon Slayer

Best Mods for Minecraft
Demon Slayer Mod (Image via. MGH Network)

Download Mods for MCPE 1.21 and 1.21.0: If you have been a part of the anime community, or have been on Twitter last year, you probably know what Demon Slayer is. The anime became highly acclaimed due to its amazing production value, art style, and animations. Naturally, it quickly became one of the fan favorites, and this has led to a collaboration with a lot of games.

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This Minecraft mod will allow players to wield the katanas and powers of their favorite Demon Slayer character. New weapons are also enchanted with the special animations and properties of the characters, making it a great addition. You can climb to victory against any mob, wielding these awesome powers in Minecraft 1.21.


Best Mods for Minecraft
Jenny mod (Image via. MGH Network)

Jenny has been a popular mod in the Minecraft community for a variety of reasons. This mod simply introduces a new NPC called Jenny which the players can interact with. Moreover, this character acts as a potential love interest in the game. Players can get close to her using the in-game chat option. Although a rather one-dimensional mod, this does introduce a novel mechanic to Minecraft.

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Best Mods for Minecraft
Pixelmon (Image via. MGH Network)

Pixelmon closely resembles PokΓ©mon, except for its 3D pixelated characters. Even the characters are the same, as players can tame Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, all of which are the starter Pokemon. These little companions are also very helpful. Players will find out that each of them has their own separate properties, which can help in battles. Capturing a having this unique pet definitely makes Pixelmon one of the best mods for Bedrock edition.


Image via: MGH Network

This is a mod for those who dreamed of having a romantic relationship with a girl in the MCPE 1.21 and 1.21.0 world. After creating a girlfriend with the help of a spawn egg, the player gets a lot of options, starting with flirting and communication, and ending with private dances and intimacy.

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Best Mods for Minecraft
Herobrine (image via. MGH Network)

Herobrine is a legendary entity in Minecraft which has long stricken fear in the hearts of Minecrafters. It started off as a scary creepypasta, where players described seeing a strange man-like entity with glowing white eyes. Herobrine was depicted as ruthless, dangerous, and mysterious, as players could only catch glimpses of it. However, it was soon proven to be a hoax.

But players can finally get the real deal by getting this mod. It’s a great one if you want to scare your friends by catching them off-guard, or simply indulge in the mystery of herobrine.

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