How to Create Your Own Valorant Customized Agent Badge

Valorant Customized Agent Badge
25/11/2022 | We love our agents and want to feel connected to them in Valorant. So, now Valorant is allowing players to Valorant Customized Agent Badge. | Credits: Riot Games

Valorant gamers are now in a position to head to a new area in the game’s reputable webpage to create Agent badges primarily based on their overall performance in the Competitive mode. The characteristic does enable you to personalize the shade palette of your badge as well.

If you are fascinated you can head to this link. Which will require you to log in to your Valorant account. Once done, click on the Create Badge button to proceed. Now, you ought to pick out the Agent that will show up on your badge. Keep in the idea that this badge solely indicates your Competitive performance. Which capability if you have not performed with an Agent in Competitive so far? You may not be in a position to function on the badge.

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How to Create Valorant Customized Agent Badge

Each Agent seems with your Competitive rank as nicely as your in-game overall performance such as K/D rate, Win Rate, Headshot Accuracy, and Damage per Round with that Agent. You can create more than one badge for every one of your favorite Agents as there are no limits. After deciding on the Agent, you will be capable to alternate the shade palette for your badge. There is an extensive range of alternatives for this one, and you will in all likelihood be in a position to discover your cherished mixture of shades to exhibit your stats with your favored Agent.

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Keep in the idea that this badge might not be proven inner the game. You can solely share it on social media, or take a screenshot and hold it in your private Valorant history! Who knows? Maybe you’ll like to see how nicely you have improved in the sport after a few years. Valorant obtained its new Agent Harbor remaining month. Which corresponded with the starting of a new Act in the contemporary Episode of the game. The builders are additionally up to date and increased Fracture after this year’s VCT esports match to make it greater Attacker-friendly.

Recently, Riot Games posted a wide variety of job functions for working on the console model of Valorant, which ought to imply we would possibly be in a position to see the recreation sooner or later heading to PlayStation and Xbox in the close to future, although it is being stated through unofficial sources that the mobile version will arrive earlier.

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