How to Change Username in BGMI 2024

Change name in BGMI
Change name in BGMI just by using some simple steps and know how to get a Rename Card for free. | Credit: BGMI.

Playing Battleground Mobile India is fun and adventure, players choose the cool and exciting in-game name to become memorable in the lobby. However, after spending some time in the game they often feel like changing their name.

If you are someone who would like to change name in BGMI and don’t know or are new in the game. This article discusses the method to change your username and also how to rename your card, which is a very important part of this process.

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How to Change Name in BGMI: Guidelines

Here are the steps that help players change name in BGMI, but keep in mind you must have a Rename Card in inventory, and in case if you don’t have then you have to purchase it:

  • Open the BGMI on your device (make sure you have the latest version to enjoy all the in-game features and other elements).
  • On the Homepage, move to the inventory (located in the bottom right corner of the screen).
  • Select the Crate by scrolling down on the list to move further (various options displayed).
  • Search for the Rename Card, after finding click on it, and tap on Use.
  • Then, a designed textbox appears to enter the new username (choose according to your in-game personality and style).
  • Finally, tap on Confirm (after checking twice) and you can able to play BGMI with the new in-game name.
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Make sure you enter the correct and desirable username because it allows only once a day to change name in BGMI, as mentioned above please cross-check it double before pressing confirm.

How to Get Rename Card in BGMIΒ 

Players who prefer to purchase it with their in-game currency, 180 UC (Check out, how to get Free UC in BGMI) can follow these steps:

  • Launch the BGMI on your devices.
  • Navigate to the game store.
  • Select the Treasures and inside it find the Rename Card.
  • Click on Rename card and tap on the bottom given 180 UC option.
  • Lastly, confirm it and now you can change your in-game name.

Furthermore, two ways allow players to get the Rename Card for free:

First, to get the Rename card the players must have to reach level 10 in the BGMI and collect it for free. Most of the users get this by this particular method which directly stores this card to your inventory.

Another way is the event hosted by the BGMI from time to time to provide freebies for the players. This is kind of the best idea to grab it and use it whenever you feel it’s needed Keep track of the BGMI event which gives away free Rename cards and other important items that help to conquer the battleground.

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