Hall of Elites in Free Fire Max: New Update

Free Fire Max
02/12/2022/Players are eagerly waiting for Free Fire Max Hall of Elite event/Credits: The Pop Gamer YouTube.

Free Fire Max announced that the Elite pass plan will be stopped due to some reasons. So, players are expecting the release of the Booyah pass. After all these modifications happened the Elite Pass items can be seen only in Ultra Rare Drops. These things will be available in this December month itself.

Users are waiting for the arrival of the Free Fire Max Hall of Elites which helps to collect the outfits. some rumors are also spreading that it will soon come to the game. Knight clown and BB Bhai also shared their post on their Instagram regarding the Hall of Elites. If these reports are accurate, the battle royale game will this month once again feature cosmetics from past Elite Passes.

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Free Fire Max Hall of Elites Expected Date

From December 9, 2022, until January 1, 2023, these bundles will be reissued in intervals dependent on the year of launch. Items from Seasons 1 through 18 will be accessible beginning on December 9, while those from Seasons 19 through 36 will be available beginning on December 16.

Specific Events

It’s important to remember that these are leaks and that Garena hasn’t yet made the specifics of the event public. Therefore, it is advised to treat the information above with caution. The previous event date format must be used for this time also. It is not clear how much money or how many spins are needed to purchase the costumes.

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The Booyah pass event may start at the beginning of January 2023. According to the details that have been publicly disclosed, it will offer higher rewards, such as Gloo Wall skins, legendary rifle skins, tailor outfits, and more. According to the leaks, the pass advancement system will use levels rather than badges.

Furthermore, every player will receive a free copy of the game’s final Elite Pass. Indian players need to join the battle royale game at least monthly once to qualify. They will also need to finish missions to earn badges and get rewards.

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