GIGABYTE’s Initiative to Provide College students an Opportunity in Esports is Now at BITS Pilani, Goa

The grand finale is near between Upthrust Esports and GIGABYTE BITS Pilani, Goa it will be held soon. | Credit: Upthrust Esports.

The “GIGABYTE College Combat” esports tournament, a collaboration between GIGABYTE and Upthrust Esports, is nearing its grand finale at BITS Pilani, Goa, scheduled for March 30th and 31st, 2024. Having already created a buzz in four major cities—starting with Manipal University, Jaipur, then moving to AIIMS Bhubhaneshwar, NSUT Delhi, and KJ Somaiya, Mumbai—the tournament has been a platform for students to showcase their gaming prowess. 

Central to the event’s success is the GIGABYTE technology provided to the participants. The G5 gaming laptops, equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 Series Laptop GPUs, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processor 12500H-Series, and 15.6″ Thin Bezel FHD 144Hz Displays, have been instrumental in delivering a top-tier gaming experience. 

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Furthermore, the tournament has been enhanced with GIGABYTE’s GeForce RTX 4070 GAMING OC 12G Graphics Cards and GIGABYTE GS27F Performance Monitors. These 27-inch SS IPS displays, with a 165Hz refresh rate overclockable to 170Hz and a 1ms response time, have provided players with impeccable visual clarity and fluidity, essential for competitive gaming. 

As the tournament progresses to its final destination, it continues to be more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of the burgeoning talent in the collegiate esports community. Here’s a testimonial from a participant: 

Interaction with a college student from KJ Somaiya, Mumbai, she said “Competing in the GIGABYTE College Combat at KJ Somaiya, Mumbai, was an unforgettable experience. The quality of the GIGABYTE PCs and monitors we used was astounding and definitely elevated our gameplay. This tournament has been a great platform for students to demonstrate our skills and passion for gaming. I’m grateful to GIGABYTE for this opportunity.”

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For those interested in the “GIGABYTE College Combat” tournament, details on participation and the schedule are available on the @aorus_in and @upthrust_esports Instagram handles. This initiative highlights GIGABYTE’s commitment to supporting the esports talents of tomorrow. 

For ongoing updates on the “GIGABYTE College Combat” tournament, including participation details and schedules, interested individuals can follow the @aorus_in and @upthrust_esports Instagram handles. The event underscores the commitment of GIGABYTE and Upthrust Esports to nurturing the future of esports, emphasizing skill development, and enjoyment in a technologically advanced setting. 

For more information about the ‘GIGABYTE College Combat’ tournament, including registration details and event schedules, visit official site.


GIGABYTE is dedicated to developing the esports scene by organizing tournaments that cater to various levels of competition, from grassroots to professional play. GIGABYTE’s mission in partnering with Upthrust Esports is to create opportunities for gamers to pursue their passion for esports in a competitive and supportive environment.