Genshin Impact’s Xinyan Labyrinth Warriors Event : A Guide

24/10/2023 | Master Genshin Impact’s Xinyan Labyrinth Warriors event with our comprehensive guide. Navigate trials, earn rewards, and conquer the labyrinth! | Credits: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s latest event, Labyrinth Warriors, offers exciting Domain challenges, valuable rewards, and some challenging trials. If you’re an Adventure Rank 30 or higher player who has completed the Inazuma Archon Quests, this event is for you. It began on October 21 and runs until November 8. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this event.

Xinyan Event Requirements

To participate, you need to be at least Adventure Rank 30 and must have completed Inazuma’s Archon Quests up to the quest named ‘Wishes’. Completing the ‘A Tricky Situation’ quest is also necessary, but don’t worry; it’s a brief introduction quest and won’t take long to finish.

XinyanΒ Event Overview

Labyrinth Warriors is a Domain challenge with five stages. The first stage is available immediately, with each subsequent stage unlocking every three days. These stages comprise various rooms, each offering unique challenges. While it’s not mandatory to complete all the rooms, doing so provides valuable buffs (charms) to aid you in your final floor boss battle.

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Participating in these trials rewards you with aged tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for exciting rewards in the event shop, including the Pyro character Xinyan, a Crown of Insight, and various character and weapon materials.

Xinyan Support Parties and Shikifudas

Before each challenge, you must assemble a combat team, a support team, and choose up to three Shikifudas. The team composition might seem confusing initially. However, you don’t need to place DPS characters in the combat team and support characters in the support team; you can freely rearrange your party during the trial.

Shikifudas are crucial. You can select up to three from a pool of nine, and they offer combat effects. These effects can be activated up to three times during each stage by pressing ‘T’. For example, you can create a Lightning Barrier or restore a substantial amount of health.

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Xinyan Understanding the Trial Map

The rooms and icons in this event might seem confusing, but we’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of what each room entails:

  1. Gate mechanism: This is the starting room. Nothing to do here.
  2. Arrayed Emplacement: A standard combat challenge. Defeat enemies and use Shikifuda powers when needed. You can earn a charm (combat buff) upon success.
  3. Ferocious Emplacement: Similar to Arrayed Emplacement, but with options to choose between ‘serious’ and ‘dire’ difficulty levels. Opting for ‘dire’ makes combat tougher but provides better charms.
  4. Decisive Emplacement: This is the final floor boss.
  5. Charm Emplacement: Activate to gain extra charms. While this can provide combat advantages, beware of the chance to receive a cursed seal, which negatively affects your abilities.
  6. Curative Emplacement: Activating this room allows you to heal your party, revive characters, and change your party composition.
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Xinyan Navigating Traps and Bonuses

When moving from room to room, be cautious of cursed fields identified by black smoke under wooden floorboards. Triggers may result in explosions or the application of cursed seals. However, the hallways can contain additional chests and buffs. Gather attack or speed orbs and inspect sparkles for extra Damaged Replicas.

Shikigami Charm Magic: Damaged Replica

Completing the Labyrinth Warriors trials earns you Damaged Replicas, little Shikigami puppets. These can be used to enhance your combat abilities. You can spend them to spawn more explosive barrels or decrease the chance of receiving a cursed seal, among other upgrades.

With this guide, you’re now ready to take on Genshin Impact’s Labyrinth Warriors event and make the most of its challenges and rewards.

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