Unleash Eula’s True Potential: Best Genshin Impact Eula Build

02/11/2023 | Discover the best Genshin Impact Eula build in this comprehensive guide. Unleash her physical damage potential with the right weapons and artefacts. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Eula, the Cryo Claymore-wielding character, has made her grand entrance to the world of Genshin Impact as part of the 1.5 update. As the third five-star Cryo character in the game, she’s already securing her place among the top-tier characters alongside Ganyu and Qiqi. Known for her incredible physical damage potential, Eula can rival even the mighty Diluc in terms of raw physical damage output. In this guide, we’ll explore the best build for Eula, focusing on unleashing her true potential as a damage dealer.

A Unique Playstyle

Eula has a unique and fast-paced playstyle. To maximize her damage, it’s essential to build up stacks effectively. Her abilities are centred around dealing immense physical damage and increasing her attack speed. To fully utilize her, it’s recommended to assemble a team that complements her strengths. This could include other DPS characters who can take over when her Elemental Burst is on cooldown, such as Baal and Beidou, or healers like Diona to ensure Eula can keep fighting effectively.

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Eula DPS Build

When equipping Eula, prioritize weapons that enhance her already impressive base physical damage. The Song of Broken Pines Claymore is an excellent choice, offering an impressive 49 base damage and a physical damage % secondary stat. With the highest base attack among all Claymore users, this weapon can boost her base attack to over a thousand at level 90. Its special ability increases attack by 16% and grants Sigils of Whispers, which boost attack speed and attack when hitting opponents with charged or normal attacks.

Skyrider Greatsword is another solid option, thanks to its high base attack and physical damage secondary stat. The Prototype Archaic is also a contender due to its chance to provide additional attack damage in an area of effect. While the Serpent Spine can be effective, it requires a shield character to prevent Eula from taking damage. Consider The Unforged and Wolfโ€™s Gravestone as well, as they can be excellent choices for Eula.

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Optimal Artefacts

To elevate Eula’s performance, aim for the Pale Flame two-set artefact, which boosts her physical damage by 25%. However, the four-set bonus should be considered only if Eula has reached her second constellation. With C2, it becomes more reliable, as it triggers when her elemental skill hits the opponent, thanks to the reduced cooldown of Icetide Vortex’s hold mode. Without the second constellation, it’s wiser to use the Bloodstained Chivalry two-set, which also increases physical damage by 25% and stacks with the Pale Flame bonus.

Understanding Eula’s Abilities

Eula’s abilities are crucial to harnessing her true potential:

Normal Attack (Favonius Bladework): This includes a sequence of up to five consecutive strikes, with the charged attack consuming stamina to perform continuous slashes, concluding with a powerful slash. The plunging attack causes her to plunge from mid-air, striking the ground and dealing AoE damage.

Elemental Skill (Icetide Vortex): Eula accumulates Grimheart stacks, which increase her defense and resistance to interruption. When used, it deals Cyro damage in either a quick slash or a forward slash, creating transient blossoms in the process. These blossoms deal AoE Cyro damage and lower opponents’ Physical and Cyro resistance. The number of stacks consumed determines the number of Icewhirl Brands formed, each dealing Cyro damage and decreasing opponents’ resistance.

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Elemental Burst (Glacial Illumination): Eula’s greatsword deals Cyro damage, creating a Lightfall Sword that accumulates energy stacks when her normal attacks, elemental skills, and elemental bursts hit opponents. The Lightfall Sword explodes upon ending Glacial Illumination, dealing physical damage. The damage is proportional to the number of energy stacks.

Constellations and Passive Talents

Her constellations, including Lawrence Pedigree, The Obstinacy of Oneโ€™s Inferiors, and Chivalric Quality, can enhance her abilities and playstyle. Her passive talents like Aristocratic Introspection, Roiling Rime, and Wellspring of war lustย also contribute to her overall performance.

By following this guide, you can unlock the full potential of Genshin Impact’s Eula and watch her become a formidable force in your team. For more Genshin Impact tips and guides, explore our comprehensive coverage to become a true Teyvat adventurer.

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