Genshin Impact Thoma and Hu Tao Banner Release

Hu Tao
16/11/2023 | Discover the excitement in Genshin Impact as Hu Tao ‘Moment of Bloom’ banner returns on November 2, featuring the 5-star Pyro character and the debut of 4-star Thoma. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Developer Mihoyo announces the return of the Hu Tao banner event, “Moment of Bloom,” in Genshin Impact. Players can seize another opportunity to acquire the 5-star Pyro character, Hu Tao, starting November 2. The banner also introduces the new 4-star character, Thoma, available for the first time.

Banner Release Details

The Genshin Impact Thoma and Hu Tao banners are set to launch at 18:00 server time on November 2. For North American players, this translates to 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST, and for UK and European players, it’s 5 PM BST. The event will run until November 23, concluding at 14:59 server time / 11:59 AM PST / 2:59 PM EST / 1:59 PM BST, providing three weeks for players to secure these characters.

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Hu Tao’s Return and Popularity

Hu Tao, the Ghost-talking Pyro character, previously featured in the March banner, is known for her exceptional single-target damage capabilities. Renowned for her effectiveness, she quickly became a favourite among players. The return of her banner offers Genshin Impact enthusiasts another chance to add this powerful character to their roster.

Introduction of Thoma – The Real Highlight

While Hu Tao’s return is noteworthy, the true highlight of the banner is the introduction of Thoma, a 4-star Pyro character. Despite his lower star rating, Thoma has garnered significant attention, having appeared as an NPC throughout the month. Now, players have the opportunity to make him a playable character, providing exciting synergies with Hu Tao.

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Additional Featured Characters

Accompanying Hu Tao and Thoma in the banner are the 4-star characters Diona and Sayu, with increased drop rates. This diverse lineup encourages players to explore new team compositions and strategies.

Ongoing Events and Exclusive Weapons

Concurrently, the Labyrinth Warriors event continues, offering players the chance to obtain the Pyro character Xinyan for free until November 8. Alongside the main banner, the “Epitome Invocation” event runs, boosting drop rates for significant weapons, including the event-exclusive 5-star Staff of Homa (Polearm) and Elegy for the End (Bow), as well as the 4-star weapons Wavebreaker’s Fin (Polearm) and Mouun’s Moon (Bow).

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Genshin Impact enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting period filled with character acquisitions, strategic planning, and engaging events as they delve into the “Moment of Bloom” banner.

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