Genshin Impact Kokomi Banner Release Time and Event Details Unveiled

23/11/2023 | Get ready for the Genshin Impact Kokomi banner! Learn the release time, event details, and more about the Hydro character in the 2.1 update. Dive into Teyvat now! | Credits: Genshin Impact

Discover the exact release time for the highly anticipated Genshin Impact Kokomi banner, set to debut on September 21. Mihoyo, the game’s developer, has revealed the release details for the new Hydro character, Kokomi, along with the accompanying Drifting Luminescence tie-in event as part of the 2.1 update.

Kokomi Release Time and Duration

The Genshin Impact Kokomi banner is scheduled to go live at 18:00 server time on September 21, corresponding to 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST for North American players and 5 PM BST for those in the UK and Europe. The event is set to conclude on October 12 at 14:59 server time, 11:59 AM PST, 2:59 PM EST, and 1:59 BST, providing players with the customary three-week window to acquire the new five-star character, Sangonomiya. It’s important to note that she will not be available in the standard Wanderlust Invocation.

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Abilities and Banner Details

Kokomi’s abilities have been previously unveiled, and the banner will feature significant drop-rate boosts for four-star characters Beidou (Electro), Rosaria (Cryo), and Xingqiu (Hydro). Players can experience her and other characters in the new Character Trial Event, where fixed line-ups are provided for testing.

Sangonomiya Kokomi’s story quest, “Dracaena Somnolenta Chapter,” becomes unlockable after the banner release time. To access this quest, players need to be at least level 40 and have completed both the Archon quest ‘Chapter II Act III: Omnipresence Over Mortals’ and Raiden Shogun’s story quest ‘Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Act 1.’

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Epitome Invocation Event

Simultaneously, Mihoyo is hosting the ‘Epitome Invocation’ event, offering drop-rate boosts on major weapons. This includes the event-exclusive five-star weapons, Everlasting Moonglow (Catalyst) and Primordial Jade Cutter (Sword), along with four-star weapons The Flute (Sword), Favonius Greatsword (Claymore), Dragon’s Bane (Polearm), Favonius Codex (Catalyst), and The Stringless (Bow).

Spectral Secrets Event

Running concurrently is the ‘Spectral Secrets’ event, active until September 26. To participate and earn event rewards such as Primogems and useful items, players need to be at least level 30 and have completed both the Archon quests ‘Ritou Escape Plan’ and ‘Floating Spirits – The Investigation Begins.’

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In the ever-evolving world of Genshin Impact, these events add layers of excitement for players, making it one of the most engaging free-to-play games on PC.

Stay tuned for updates and dive into the vibrant world of Teyvat with the arrival of Kokomi and the exciting events unfolding in Genshin Impact 2.1.

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